Blisslight Rental


Blisslight 50 rental light package.

The Blisslight is an incredible star effect that will cover your venue with a mesmerizing, slow moving starfield. Thousands of miniature stars at your control.

This star-patterned light will provide the “WOW” factor for special events. The light has a very large coverage area of over 50ft x 50ft, and does not need to be placed very far away from the surface you are projecting on.

The Blisslight creates 1000’s of pinpoints of light that look like stars that slowly move towards and away from eachother creating a slow-moving starry night effect. Behind the stars, the light produces a blue/purple “nebula” that slowly moves, creating a captivating 3-D effect. The perfect effect for creating the feeling of dancing under the stars.

The Blisslight works well on drape, walls (both textured and plain), floors, and anywhere that you need a very large, dynamic lighting effect. In event spaces with low ceilings the light gives creates the illusion of the ceiling feeling taller than it actually is.

Your lights saved us hours of work stringing Italian lights in the tent and looked very professional. Thank you again. Sincerely, Frank – 4/21/12

Blisslight Rental Video

bliss light rental green star effect blue water nebula slow moving effect light

Your Blisslight Rental Includes:

  • Blisslight light
  • 10ft black lighting stand
  • 50ft extension cable
  • Gaffers tape
  • Free shipping both ways

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