Gobo Light Rental Instructions

Gobo Rental CaseThanks for choosing us to work with you in renting a gobo light for your event!

Below you’ll find the information to setup the gobo light. Remember to keep all packaging materials you receive with the light (including the outer cardboard box) to ship the light back to us in.

In the case you will find:

  • Gobo Light
  • 50ft Black Extension Cable
  • 10ft Lighting Stand
  • Black Gaffers Tape (like duck tape but leaves no residue)
  • Instruction packet with: printed instructions, return shipping label, and return checklist and instructions)

1. Setting up the Stand and Light

Always make sure you are setting up the light and stand on a hard, level surface.

** Do not use the light when excessive moisture, rain, snow or high winds are present.

2. Extending the Stand to Desired Height



 3. Turning the Gobo Light on and Focusing


  1. Plug the provided extension cord into an outlet and connect it to the power cable from the light.

  2. Flip the power switch to ON, on the back of the light.

  3. Bring the image into focus by rotating the lens tube on the front of the light to the left or right until the image comes into focus. This lens is very precise and may require many turns to bring the image into focus.

  4. The image may not be level or at the right angle. Use the rotation ON/OFF switch on the back of the light to rotate the image to the right projection angle.

  5. When at the correct angle, flip the rotation switch to lock the gobo to that projection angle.


Tips on focusing: When focusing the light, get the light at the desired angle and where the projection should be.

Before you raise the light stand, tilt the light projection so it’s ½ an image length closer to you. Also twist the focus knob a few turns to the left so it’s slightly out of focus. As you raise the stand the image should come into focus and end up in the location that you want to project.

4. Final Setup Details

  1. Place the light in a low traffic area. Next to the DJ table or band is a good place. Against a wall is a good location.

  2. tape

    When the light and the projection are in the place that you want, tape down all 3 light stand legs (using the black gaffers tape) to the floor. (The tape will not leave a sticky residue.) This will help to keep the light from falling or getting knocked over. Try gently rocking the stand back and forth after taping, a little sway is OK, tipping over or legs lifting is not OK.

  3. Tape down loose extension cable using black gaffers tape so that no one trips over the extension cable.

5. Clean Up and Pack Up

  1. Unplug the light.

  2. Lower the light and stand. Start at the lowest extension, lower that section and move to the next until you’ve lowered the light all the way down.

  3. Loosen the thumbscrew and remove the light from the top of the stand. Return the light back to an upright position using the knobs on both sides of the light and place in the middle of the black case.

  4. Untape the legs of the light stand from the floor.

  5. Loosen the knob locking the legs in place. Pull up the legs until they snugly fit next to the body of the stand.

  6. Tighten the leg know and place the light stand back in the case.

  7. Coil the extension cable and lock with the included orange cable lock and place back in the case.

  8. Make sure the gaffers tape is back in the case.

  9. Close the case around the light. It will be a tight fit, this is normal. Make sure the light is laying flat with the Superlative Events sticker facing you and near the middle of the case. Close and lock each of the 5 latches.


  • When using the stand, taping down the legs ensures that the light does not get knocked over during operation.
  • Make sure the light is setup in a protected area. Accidental bumps can break and damage the light.
  • Do not move the light while it is on. Turn the light off before moving. (Small adjustments are fine while the light is on)
  • Do not stare directly into the light source.

6. Shipping Back

Pack up all materials sent back into the boxes you received them in. The return shipping label is included with the shipment in the packet with the instruction manual.

Important: Remove all existing shipping labels and stickers, then affix the return label. Then take the box to any authorized FedEx drop off location.

FedEx Location Locator: http://www.fedex.com/Dropoff/start?cc=us

The light is due to be returned to us the next business day following your event.

That’s it! Enjoy the light! We would love to see photos from your event! Please send us pictures!

If you have any trouble call, text or email.

540-421-4562 or bk@superlativeevents.com




What Should the Final Setup Look Like?


If projecting on the floor it should look similar to the Final Setup image to the right.

Design not Positioned Correctly?

If the design is not level or in the right position you can adjust the gobo by turning on the rotation feature of the light. Let the image rotate until into the desired position and then turn off the rotation feature.

Distorted Image?

For best projection quality aim the light directly at the surface you want to project and keep the lens perpendicular to the surface you are projecting on.

The image may be distorted somewhat when projected on the floor from an extreme angle, this is normal. Reduce the angle of projection to reduce distortion of the image.

Light Placement?

Dance Floor Design

Good locations include placing the stand behind the entertainment’s table or immediately next to it. Placing the stand next to the entertainments speakers can also be a possible location, it helps eliminate places where guests will walk by or possibly knock into the light and stand. Do not set the light on a speaker directly.

Wall & Ceiling Designs

Gift tables and cake tables can be good locations as well where people will not touch the light and the light can project on a clear wall or location. Setting the light up on a stand next to gift tables, cake tables, or against walls is another excellent location.

gobo wire

Gobo and Gobo Holder Wire (already mounted in light)

What if the gobo fell out or I want to keep it? Unscrew the 4 main silver screws on the front of the light. Pinch the gobo wire, remove or replace the gobo, replace the gobo wire, screw the screws and the faceplate of the light back on.

How do I Install the Gobo/Color Filter? (not usually necessary)

  1. To install the gobo or light filter you’ll need to remove the 4 silver screws from the front of the light.

  2. Remove the front plate with the lens to reveal the inside of the light. You’ll see a yellow circle with the gobo holder wire.

  3. Pinch the gobo holder wire and set aside. Take the gobo template and place in the yellow circle so the image appears backwards like the image above. (*place the color filter on top of the gobo)

  4. Replace the gobo holder wire so that it holds the gobo in place. Push the edges of the spring wire so it’s a snug fit holding the gobo evenly in place.

  5. Replace the front plate with the lens back on and secure back in place with the 4 silver screws.

  6. Aim at a projection surface and rotate the lens until the image comes into focus. It may take many turns until it appears in focus.

My light came with an additional lens?

Based on where you are projecting your logo we may have shipped additional lenses with your light. To replace the lens, unscrew the lens tube off of the light. Take the new lens and screw on to the light.

25-20 degree lens will display the biggest image at the shortest distance, a 10-15 degree lens is used for shooting farther distances.

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