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One Color Transparency Gobo – Lowest Priced Color Gobo

one color transparency gobo lowest priced color gobo

This is our latest example of a one color transparency gobo. This brings the speed, clarity, and cost effectiveness of color for everyday needs.

In this example we worked with Congressional Schools of Virginia to come up with a gobo that reflected their design and brand that featured a vibrant green, that would look good projected on a concrete pool deck.

Using our latest advancements in color transparency gobos we were able to get the green color they needed incorporated into the design and ended up saving them $200 off the cost of a similar glass gobo design. A major benefit to these gobo templates is the absence of a visible half tone dot grain in the color.

Thanks for the light, it worked out great! – Dan O’Neil, Camp Director


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normas 65th birthday logo light rental

Norma’s 65th Firework Birthday Logo – Adelphi Mills, MD

normas 65th birthday logo light rental Norma’s 65th birthday celebration was at Adelphi Mill in Adelphi Mills, MD. The design features firework explosions surrounding her name. These explosions are unique in that they appear 3-D on the wall. This particular projection used a black and white transparency gobo.

The blue light in the background is our battery powered wireless uplighting rental used in conjunction with our gobo design and light.

This particular projection was shown on a white painted rock wall and it popped in the room providing a great way to brand the entire space very cost effectively.

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Sweet Sixteen Stars Party Gobo – Alexandria, VA

sweet_sixteen_gobo_birthday_logo_stars_party_alexandria_vaWe worked with Elizabeth to design her sweet sixteen logo gobo for her party. She wanted something incorporating a stars theme so we worked on pulling together her name with the theme. The i of Elizabeth is a star and works well with the star field around her name.

The logo is projected at about 40 feet away from the light. The light had no problem with the distance or the tall ceiling and it did a really great job!

The first thing that people noticed when they came in was the strong design element of the logo. It very cost effectively transformed the entire space into a party atmosphere by taking the drab white walls and when dimming the lights added the punch that helped pull together all the star balloons, streamers, and stars hanging around the venue.


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DSC_0022 copy

Birthday Gobo – Sweet Sixteen Gobo Light for Raveen’s Party

birthday_gobo_sweet_sixteen_rental_lightRaveen’s sweet sixteen party was awesome! She started out with an awesome gobo that she used for her party. It was positioned at the very front of the room and was an excellent focal point for the whole room. Using a strong design element like a large birthday gobo light can really define the space.

For this particular event we used blue uplighting in conjunction with the monogram to really enhance the look of the birthday gobo.

Birthday gobos and other gobo light designs can be projected on just about any surface and look great. In this instance we found a moveable partition in the room that was a rather flat surface and projected on it. The actual color of the surface it is being projected onto is a dark khaki color. Between the birthday gobo light and the blue uplighting on either side of it there is no way of knowing the actual color of the background that the design was projected on to.

Awesome sweet sixteen party and the design for Raveen turned out really nice and fit in really well with her party.

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