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Fairytale Once Upon a Time Midsummer Nights Dream cake with texture lighting and cake spotlight.

Once Upon a Time Midsummer Night’s Themed Cake & Lighting

Fairytale Once Upon a Time Midsummer Nights Dream cake with texture lighting and cake spotlight.

Fairytale “Once Upon a Time” / “Midsummer Nights Dream” cake with texture lighting and cake spotlight.

Beautiful cake display with a fairytale “Once Upon a Time” or “Midsummer Night’s Dream” cake. There’s lot’s going on in the photo so we’ll breakdown the elements used to create it.

  1. The purple lighting effect is from wireless uplights. This creates the base effect around the cake and throughout the room.
  2. Texture lighting is the pattern that shows up on the pipe and drape behind the cake. In this photo a simple breakup pattern was used to create a light and dark dreamy feeling.
  3. Pipe and drape was used behind the cake to soften up the wall that is normally there in the room.
  4. Trees were brought in (venue actually had them in there) and put behind the cake. We hung fairy berries in the branches to create slowly glowing magical firefly effect.
  5. Under the table lighting was achieved but using two of our wireless uplights.
  6. Candles and flower petals were used around the base of the cake with a  fabric wrap on the bottom of the cake stand to help feature the detail of the cake.
  7. Cake spotlights were used to help the cake stand out in the room and completed the look.

These lighting elements combine to create a beautifully dreamy and elegant atmosphere turning the cake from just a dessert sitting in the dark into a decor piece.

Venue: Ft. Belvoir Officer’s Club – Ft. Belvoir, VA
Flowers:  Royal Flower Designs – Springfield, VA

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white uplighting hotel monaco va

White Uplighting – Hotel Monaco – Alexandria, VA

white uplighting hotel monaco va

White uplighting enhances the beauty of a wedding at Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, VA.

White uplighting is an elegant way to transform a hotel ballroom for a wedding. Wireless uplighting elegantly enhances the elegant ballroom at Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Pin-spot lighting on the centerpieces makes the clean and elegant white flowers pop.

A cake spotlight makes the cake shine and shimmer and looks amazing in the white color scheme used for the wedding. This lighting works really well with the monogram lighting that is projected behind the cake for a beautiful way to personalize the space.

Texture lighting of a vine at the far wall of the ballroom adds a touch of elegance to the stale hotel ballroom walls.

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Quinceañera Lighting Rentals

Quinceañera birthday girl

Lighting is a great way to make a Quinceañera truly memorable.

Celebrating a Quinceañera is a huge milestone in a young woman’s life when she turns 15. One of the most cost effective way’s to decorate for party is with lighting. Lighting can literally transform a boring event space into something truly magical.

Some of the best lighting elements to use for a quince años are:

  • Monogram / Gobo Lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Blisslights
  • Cake Spotlights

Quinceañera Monogram Lighting

Quinceañera gobo and monogram samples

Quinceañera monograms, perfect for personalizing Mis Quince Años party.

Choose from our library of designs to create a unique design for your Quinceañera. If you don’t see a design you like we can work with a design you already have or create a completely new design. The lights are really easy to setup and are perfect for creating a strong focal point in your event space.

You can also create “figuras en el cielo” effect by projecting patterns from the party on the ceiling or on the walls of your venue. You would just need to send us the patterns or textures your would like to use.

Rent Uplights for a Quinceañera

Wireless uplighting is the easiest way to add color and ambiance to your party. Enhance your Quince’s color palette and add instant visual appeal and elegance to your space.

Uplights have a wireless controller so you can have the lights change to the music, fade through colors for slow dances and transform a boring room into a party in less than 3 minutes! You can have your entire event space setup and set to the color(s) you want.

See more on how you can rent uplighting and transform your Quinceañera.


Dance under the stars with our blisslight rental packages.

Rent a Starry Sky Effect for a Quinceañera

The Blisslight creates 1000′s of pinpoints of light that look like stars that slowly move towards and away from eachother creating a slow-moving starry night effect. Behind the stars, the light produces a blue/purple “nebula” that slowly moves, creating a captivating 3-D effect. The perfect effect for creating the feeling of dancing under the stars. Make your father daughter dance magical by dancing under the stars of a blisslight. Rent a blisslight today and see how you can dance under the stars for your Quinceañera.

Quinceañera Cake Spotlights

A cake spotlight is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to illuminate one of the biggest focal points of your Quince!

The average cost of a cake is $500!!!

Let one of the most expensive decor items you’ll have at the party shine with the cake spotlight package.

cake spotlight quince

A cake spotlight can really make your cake shine.

Your completely wireless cake spotlight package illuminates your cake for all your guests to enjoy. Your cake spotlight is actually a mix of three separate lights so the cake looks amazing from every angle, in any venue.

Learn more about renting a cake spotlight.

Rent Lighting for Your Quinceanera Today!

Remember, decorations you have at your Quince won’t be able to be seen without lighting. Renting DIY lighting for your Quinceanera will help you save money and enhance all the other decorations you’ve put together for one of the most important days of your life. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your party!

Check Availability and Book Now
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st. patricks day gobos stock templates

St. Patrick’s Day Gobos – Shamrocks, Leprechauns, Gold & Rainbows

st. patricks day gobos stock templates

St. Patricks day gobos that can be used as texture lighting to add Irish flair to your event.

St. Patrick’s Day is an international holiday celebrated by Irish and Irish-for-a-day around the world. Whether your party is in a bar, pub, hotel, conference center, house, or outside, using gobo lighting can be an easy and really cost-effective way to decorate.

Our collection of St. Patrick’s Day gobos are perfect for getting the feel of the Emerald Isle at your event. These are great to use with any of our texture lighting rentals. We can also create them for use in any LED projector that will take a transparency gobo.

Add a little luck of the Irish to your party with our St. Patrick’s Day gobos!

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Punches of color in a room. Multi-level spaces need more lights to cover both levels to make the room feel larger and bring your eye up in the space.

How Many Uplights Do I Need For My Event?

Thompson/Hamlin wedding April 7th, 2013 Atlanta, GA. NFL player Kenneth Hamlin. Featured on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta

Before and after uplighting. Always think of specific room features like columns that may need more lights.

It’s easy to determine how many uplights you need for your event using our online calculators. These formulas are specifically tailored for our wireless uplights to get the best effect possible.

You have three different ways to determine how many uplights you’ll need for your event.

  • Room Dimensions
  • Total Square Feet
  • Number of Guests

How many uplights you’ll need will generally be more accurate when based off of room dimensions than off your total guest count.

Many venues will provide you the exact dimensions of a space usually given in ft x ft. With this calculation we use the following method to determine how many uplights you’ll need. This is widely viewed as the most accurate way to estimate how many lights you’ll need.

Most venues provide you with the total square footage of the space(s) you’re renting. Based off the square footage you can get fairly accurate approximation of how many uplights you’ll need using the following formula. This method does not account for specific room features you might want to highlight like columns, alcoves, stages, or other architectural elements you might need to highlight with additional lights.

Generally this is the least accurate of all the ways to estimate uplighting. It doesn’t take into account specific room features that may impact the overall lighting effect.

Example of how many uplights you'll need in a room.

Example of how many uplights you’ll need in a room using the formulas on this page.

How many uplights? Look at the big picture. 

There are differences in each way of determining the number of lights needed for a space. Every space is unique and ultimately we can help you figure out exactly what you need.

Think about the space you’ll be in. Look for photos of the space online or take photos on your visits to the space.

  • Are there columns in the room?
  • Are there alcoves or other abnormalities that might need more lights to make the room feel balanced?
  • Are there multiple levels to the space?
  • Are there stage areas or bumpouts in the room that would need more lighting?
  • Do you want lighting for an exit, under table lighting, or other focal areas you want uplighting?
  • Are there multiple rooms you need to light?
  • Can you move or reuse lights between spaces?

When uplighting columns generally you’ll need one uplight for smaller columns (columns you can hug) or columns up against a wall. You’ll need 2-4 lights for columns you can half hug or for larger columns you’ll need 4 or more uplights. This is because columns are round and multiple sides are exposed to guests. To get an even look around the column you might need to have lights on either side of a column or all around the entire column.

Medium washes of color in a space.

Medium washes of color in a space.

Bottom Line

Using the methods above you should be able to get a good idea of how many uplights you’ll need for your event and the approximate cost of uplighting. Contact us using the form on the right to get in touch about specifics of your space and what types of uplighting might be a good fit for your event.

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stars shining on an air wall

Denim & Diamonds Party Lighting – Howard University Blackburn Center

western gobo light denim and diamonds party blackburn center DC

Custom Denim and Diamonds Gobo with blue and white uplighting at Howard University’s Blackburn Center

This features event lighting from Moorean’s birthday party at Howard University at the Blackburn Center. We’ve done events at the Blackburn Center before and knew that the room had tall ceilings, terrible room lighting with no control, and a massive air wall that most of our clients hatewith a passion!

Moorean had a Denim and Diamonds theme to the party and incorporated a western type of feel throughout their decor elements including a live gold cowboy statue, denim and western attire, and western themed drinks and food.

Howard University Blackburn Center Airwall with Gobo lighting of stars and a saloon sign

We transformed the air wall with gobo lighting of a starry night sky and a custom saloon sign above the 16ft bar.

To fix the issues with the space we set them up with our wireless uplighting and used two colors, white and blue to bring light into the space so we could turn off the overhead lights. This bathed the room in a blue and white light that was much better than the florescent-terrible-undimmable overhead lighting. They were going to have a cake so our cake spotlight package was an easy option to really showcase the cake.

before photo of event lighting

Before photos of Howard University’s Blackburn Center, terrible overhead lights are not good for parties.

The massive air wall is always a problem in this room. They have such a cool effect with the large exposed brick walls inside and then ruin it with a massive 70’sesque air wall. We transformed the air wall into a sign above the bar with a western starry sky feel and a custom designed MoMo’s Saloon sign. This created a focal point around the 16ft bar in the room and let people know exactly where the drinks were. Every western town has a bar and needs a bar/saloon. These lights transformed the air wall into the starry sky with a personalized saloon sign. We also created a denim jean pocket encrusted with diamond rivets to personalize the space for Moorean’s Denim & Diamonds party. Our gobo lights are perfect for customizing and personalizing any large event space.

Before event lighting photo blackburn center

Before photo of the Blackburn Center

The overall effect really transformed the room and you can tell by the before and afters that it really made a huge difference in the space.

With our rental lights it’s easy to get the effect you want for a fraction of the price of hiring an outside company to do it. Check out our event lighting rental pricing to see how much you can save today!

Venue: Howard University Blackburn Center
Lighting: Superlative Events

We are so grateful to work with awesome people like Moorean, here’s what she had to say about the event.

“You transformed that dingy, dinky place into a gorgeous western scene.  I told your brother that you guys were just “showing off”!  Seriously,  I am more than pleased with everything.  A worker there told me that he has worked there for 34 years and that room had never, ever been transformed to that magnitude.!  That partition “popped”! The gobos were awesome! The uplighting was eloquent and breathtaking. Again, what can I say, but thank you, thank you and thank you.” – Moorean Baker


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wireless uplights in purple with pin-spot lighting

Even Better Wireless Uplighting Rental Pricing! Shipped Nationwide

wireless uplights in purple with pin-spot lighting

Wireless uplights setup at the Sunset Room by Wolfgang Puck at National Harbor.

Wireless uplights for as little as $25 per light!

It’s easier and more cost effective than ever to add uplighting to your event.

Leave the cables, wires, limited color choices and frustration at home. Wireless uplighting lets you enjoy your event more and setup less.

Many cheap wired rental lights only let you choose from 7 preset colors. Our lights let you choose from over 16.7 million color combinations right at your finger tips.

Many wired uplight rentals are setup so you can only use their cables which means you have to use more lights even though you might not need them. It can look cheaper up front but is actually more expensive and takes a lot longer to setup.

This photo shows the Sunset Room at National Harbor in Maryland. 28 uplights were used in this setup. Total time for uplight setup by one person: 10 minutes

Trying to get the same setup with wired uplights would take over 45 minutes and it would be impossible to get a deep eggplant purple because of the limited colors.

It’s now easier and more cost effective than ever to go rent wireless uplights. Save money, transform your event, and spend more time enjoying the event.

Fill out the form on the right to check availability for your event today!

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