Black Light Rental

Rent the most powerful, lowest cost blacklights for your event. Save money with the lowest cost per watt black light rental available!

glow parties and rental lighting

High-power UV, black light rental lighting for events shipped directly to you.

Rent blacklights with the latest LED UV blacklight technology to make your party glow and get up to 10x the blacklight effect per light than any other rental backlights available.

What does your black light rental include?
Everything you need to project powerful blacklight at your party.

  • Blacklight with a 100w COB LED True UV light (3X more powerful than other rental lights!)
  • Power cable
  • Case

*Stands and mounting clamps are available for positioning the blacklights to the optimal height for the best effect. 

Blacklights are perfect for:

  • Highlighter parties
  • Glow parties
  • White parties
  • Halloween effect lights
  • Homecoming dance
  • Prom
  • House parties
  • Glow Volleyball
  • Glow Dodgeball
  • Glow T-Ball
  • Glow Golf
  • Church Retreats
  • Winter Dances
  • Fundraisers
  • Charity Events
  • Corporate Events

How many blacklights do I need?

The easiest way to estimate how many high power black lights you’ll need for your event is based on the number of guests you’ll expect. 

The most accurate way to determine how many blacklights you’ll need is based on the room dimensions (Length x Width x Height) you’ll need to light.

Glow pep rally high school easy black light rental

High school glow pep rally with students and glow sticks getting ready for homecoming.

Number of lights for a gym

A popular use for blacklights is in a gym. A standard midsize school gym is around 120ft x 60ft x 25ft and would need 2 lights to light up one half or 4 lights to light up the whole gym. Position the lights in each of the corners of the room.

While each of the lights can be used on the ground using the included yoke stand, we recommend placing the lights higher up and aiming down. In a gym you can do this with super clamps and attaching them to basketball hoops or frames already in the gym. Or you can use stands to elevate them in each of the corners and aim towards the middle. The super clamps or stands will help you get the best blacklight effect possible.

blacklight stand rental

Rental blacklight pictured on optional stand.

How easy is setup?

Super easy setup.


  1. Plugin
  2. Aim where you’d like to shoot blacklight.

That’s it! Done! 

If you want more control over the light you can dim the lights and make them strobe using the onboard controls right on the light.

The lights also offer full DMX control (fancy lighting controls for professionals).

How big are the blacklights? 

Each black light rental is the size of a soccer ball (12.75” x 11” x 8”) and weighs 11lbs. Lights have a beam angle of 60 degrees allowing for targeted backlight over a long distance. They are long throw meaning that they can shoot blacklight over a long distance. One light will easily create a blacklight effect in half of a dark gym (60ftx60ft).

glow bracelets and a black light rental go well

Blacklights enhance glow bracelets and any other item that is UV reflective.

How powerful are the blacklights?

These are the most powerful LED based blacklights available for rental. They are provide up to 10x times more blacklight per light than any other rental UV blacklights available online!

This means using less lights, at the lowest cost, and up to 10x more blacklight coverage for your event. These LED based blacklights offer onboard dimming allowing you the greatest control over the blacklight effect at your event.

These lights use the latest and greatest LED COB (Light Emitting Diode Chip On Board) technology so you get even blacklight without the color shadowing and lens distortion associated with blacklights that use individual LED chips. This means more glow and less weird colors that aren’t blacklight.

What’s the difference between blacklights?

There is quite a difference in the type blacklight and what they are used for. Not all blacklights are created equal!

powerful uv LED blacklight fixture

LED COB blacklights are easy to use, bright, and the lowest cost for the most effect. The light pictured is the exact light we rent.

LED Blacklights: LED blacklights are the latest in blacklight technology and are superior for events.


  • Very bright
  • Very durable (50,000hrs until “bulb” replacement)
  • Long throw
  • No heat
  • Low power draw
  • No color shadowing/distortion (with COB blacklights)


  • None

These lights are revolutionary when it comes to getting a strong black light glow at the best price possible. They are perfect for throwing lots of blacklight over both large and small spaces. Unlike older and smaller LED light fixtures, these light fixtures use the latest COB (chip on board) technology to ensure you get the best blacklight possible without color shadowing.

All of our black light rentals use the latest in COB LED technology to give you the best blacklight for the best price.

floursecent tube blacklights

Fluorescent tube blacklights are fragile and not very bright.

Traditional Fluorescent Blacklights: Traditional blacklight fixtures look like long fluorescent lighting tubes. These are the old style of blacklights.


  • Good for small spaces (bedroom size)
  • Good blacklight effect
  • Cheap per light (you’ll need A LOT of them!)
  • Works well with specialized invisible UV color paints


  • Break very easily
  • Hot
  • Need A LOT of these lights to get a good effect
  • Very short throw (will not project well over distance)
Fragile, expensive, heavy and need a lot of power.

Sodium Hallide Blacklights are fragile, expensive, heavy and need a lot of power.

These generally look like a good bet because they appear to be the cheapest per fixture, but you’ll need so many of them to get a good blacklight effect they aren’t cost effective in large spaces. Not only that, exposed glass tubes are dangerous for guests and get very hot. Fluorescent tube glass is extremely thin and very very sharp.

Sodium Hallide Blacklights: These lights are like the overhead lights you might see in a large gym.


  • Bright*
  • Long throw
  • Work well with specialized invisible UV color paints


  • Need 10+ minutes warm-up time
  • Extremely hot
  • Very fragile (may explode)
  • Very expensive
  • Often contain dangerous toxins like mercury
  • Consume A LOT of power
  • Noisy

Sodium halide black lights aren’t ideal for one time events or for use outside of professional lighting technicians. Lights are expensive, fragile, toxic, use a lot of power, take forever to warm up and are noisy.

How much does a black light rental cost?

All of our pricing includes shipping to you and back to us as well as everything you need to get the best look at your event. Check out the latest black light rental pricing and availability using the reservation system below.

Reserve your blacklight today!

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16 Responses to “Black Light Rental”

  1. Brian King February 14, 2016 at 9:50 am #

    We have 2 smaller blacklights that would cover that size space. Ideally you want to have light coming from two sides so everything is lit evenly. I’d go with two smaller medium throw blacklights for a room like that.

  2. Brian King June 2, 2016 at 11:25 am #

    For that many people you’d be looking at probably two for the audience and two for the stage area. Depends on the other lighting that will be on the band. If you can fill out the form on the upper right part of the page we can get a quote out to you.

  3. Rachel August 3, 2016 at 4:38 pm #

    I’m having a outdoor pool party. The space is around 25 x 25 with 50+ people. Are these safe for outdoor use (in the summer) at around 5:00 – Midnight EST? Will it give a good effect in order to make EVERYTHING glow. The bathing suits will all be white along with decor. Would this work?
    Thank you,

    • Brian King September 14, 2016 at 12:30 pm #

      It will definitely work! I’d put them on stands outside of the splash zone for the pool and keep the cables away from the water or any potential standing water. Lights aren’t waterproof but work well outside in good weather. Keep trash bags near the lights just in case passing rain comes through to keep them dry.

      I’d go with 3-4 lights, depends on ambient light. If there is a lot of extra light around the space then go with 4, less, go with 3. Effect will really kick in once the sun sets and intensify more and more until it’s dark. Not much competes with sunlight but these lights are as strong as it gets in doing so.

  4. Annie August 29, 2016 at 2:23 pm #


    I am throwing a Glow Sweet 16 party for my daughter. We are holding it in a hotel meeting room, total 1000 sq feet in a rectangle shape. We are planning on 40 guests. I have a few questions I am hoping you can help answer:

    1. Do the black lights have to be mounted on a ceiling for the room to have the best effect?

    2. If you can place them on the floor, would you point them at each other across the room to ensure the whole space is lit up?

    3. Beyond making the light higher off the ground, what is the benefit of having the light on a stand vs. having the lights on the floor?

    4. I have 2 party rooms. The main room as I said is 1000 sq. feet and will have a DJ, a mirror ball and dancing. The second room is 300 sq feet and will have food and possibly a photo spot. Would you recommend 1 black light for that room or two?

    Thank you!

    • Brian King September 14, 2016 at 12:28 pm #

      Good questions!
      1. Stands would be ideal, they allow you to get the light above guests head to reduce shadows and aimed exactly where you need the light.

      2. Generally opposite corners of the room towards the middle is a good place to start. In that size room the blacklight will bounce off the walls and help fill the space. Getting them on a high cocktail table can also be useful if you don’t get the stands.

      3. Good question! Inspired us writing this to help answer that question: Benefits of using a light stand.

      4. Smaller room I’d go with one, bigger room I’d go with two.

  5. Nathan August 31, 2016 at 4:25 pm #

    How many black light do I need for a school gym, helping with a school dance

    • Brian King September 14, 2016 at 12:16 pm #

      Generally four for a standard 120ftx80ft high school gym.

      Factors that impact that number:
      Multiple courts? +2 lights for each additional full size court.
      More than 800 students? +1-2 lights
      Auxiliary (Overhead) Lights can’t turn off? +2 lights
      Windows at the top of the gym that can’t be covered? +2 lights (depends how bright and sun direction)
      Stage area bump out? 2nd level running track? areas outside the main gym square shape? +additional lights for those areas

      Generally 4-10 lights will light any gym we’ve encountered, the factors above impact that number the most.

      Always remember a glow dance that doesn’t glow for 1000 of your closest classmates is not pleasant to endure for four hours and the years after that they’ll remember the dance that didn’t glow 🙂 When in doubt call or email and we’ll figure out exactly how many you’ll need.

  6. Vanessa April 19, 2017 at 8:56 pm #

    Hi I’m having a birthday party for my daughter in a large white tent. How many lights would I need? Hold approx 250 people.

    Thank you

    • Brian King December 19, 2017 at 10:15 am #

      For a tent like that 4 lights feels like the right amount.

      That would illuminate the entire area of the tent.

      I’d make sure it was as dark as possible in there. Sides if daytime or know when the sunsets at night time for that date. Sunrise / Sunset checker is a good place to figure out what the sunrise and sunset are for your area based on zip and time of the year.

  7. Titus Smith April 23, 2017 at 3:11 pm #

    I am in charge of activities for our camp this year and I want to create a 250-300ft glow in the dark water slide with elevated uv/blacklights down the sides to show off the insane glow coloring.

    How many lights would I need for 300ft by 6ft wide slide?

    • Brian King December 19, 2017 at 10:12 am #

      Cool idea! I’d go with 4 lights, 2 at the bottom (one at the splash lower area of slide) shooting up and two at the middle shooting up. You could take the one in the middle and move it to the side to illuminate from the side/back as riders go up. But with 4 you’d do a great job illuminating the slide evenly.

      You could think about more if the area that riders going up to the slide would have glow things as well, or if there is a table for riders to pick up glow items, makeup, etc.

  8. Ryan January 10, 2018 at 11:50 am #

    I was wondering how many lights I would need to do a large gymnasium. The area needing covered is probably 85 by 100. it has a catwalk area all the way around the top so the lights would be set up roughly 15 ft in the air shining down onto the floor I’m not sure if that would be an advantage or not?

    • Brian King January 10, 2018 at 11:58 am #

      It would definitely be an advantage. Anytime you can get the backlights in the air aiming down or across gives you more coverage and more of an all encompassing blacklight effect in the room.

      I’d go with 4 blacklights to light up that size space with that setup. Our super clamps would be a good way to mount the blacklights higher up. They are cheaper than light stands and attach to anything 2in in diameter or less.


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