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custom gobo design and production

Can I Use a Gobo on an Uplight?

custom gobo design and production

Gobos will not work with an uplight

Do you have/rent/sell gobos for uplights?

Answer: A gobo will not work with a standard uplight. We do rent gobos and we do rent uplights but gobos won’t fit uplights, here’s why.

Gobo Projectors vs. Uplights

A gobo projector has a space to hold a gobo and a series of lenses that focus the light beam projected through the gobo to focus the projection on a surface. An uplight lacks the optical lens system to focus the light on to a surface.

Gobos are small and generally do not exceed 100mm in diameter. Most uplights are a much larger diameter than that and a gobo wouldn’t fit over an uplight. Learn about gobos and gobo materials.

Don’t believe us that an uplight won’t work with a gobo?  Try this experiment using materials you have at home.

  1. Grab a flashlight
  2. Cut out a star pattern out of a piece of paper with an exacto knife
  3. Overlay the star pattern paper over the flashlight and aim at a surface
  4. You have a blurry mess projected on whatever you are aiming at


A gobo won’t fit on an uplight, but it will fit in a gobo light. We are more than happy to help you with renting uplighting or renting gobo lighting.

Lighting Questions?

We love answering lighting questions. Leave a comment and we’ll answer your questions about special event lighting and rental lighting.

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battery powered wireless uplighting rental

Wireless Battery Powered Uplighting Rental – Amber Uplighting

battery powered wireless uplighting rental

Battery powered uplighting behind the head table in amber.

This is a great example of our battery powered, wireless, rental uplights that we offer set to an amber/orange color for a wedding at Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, VA. The lights were used behind the head table and do a great job working to bring out the colors of the flowers and play well enhancing the natural warm tones of the room.

Uplighting can be complementary to the rooms decor and colors as well as transformative. It’s a good idea to think of what role the lighting will play in your wedding and if there are features of the room that you want to highlight or mitigate through your lighting choices.

Our wireless battery powered uplighting rentals are easy to use, last over 8 hours and require no cables or connectors to use making them the ultimate DIY event lighting.

Venue: Belmont Country Club – Ashburn, VA
Photography: Cynthia Kirsch Photography 

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Dancefloor Texture Lighting & Red Uplighting – Marriott Greenbelt, MD

marriott greenbelt maryland red uplighting monogram texture lighting ballroomThis photo is from a wedding at the Marriott Greenbelt in Greenbelt Maryland. This photo features red uplighting, two texture lights on the dancefloor and a grayscale glass monogram on the fabric behind the head table.

In this case we used a smaller degree gobo lens to make sure we could get the monogram to fit behind the head table.

The texture lights on the dancefloor worked well to bring together the patterns used in the wedding decor and repeat them on a larger scale on the dancefloor.

This type of lighting also doubles as dance lighting when guests are out on the dancefloor.


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