Wireless Battery Powered Uplighting Rental – Amber Uplighting

battery powered wireless uplighting rental

Battery powered uplighting behind the head table in amber.

This is a great example of our battery powered, wireless, rental uplights that we offer set to an amber/orange color for a wedding at Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, VA. The lights were used behind the head table and do a great job working to bring out the colors of the flowers and play well enhancing the natural warm tones of the room.

Uplighting can be complementary to the rooms decor and colors as well as transformative. It’s a good idea to think of what role the lighting will play in your wedding and if there are features of the room that you want to highlight or mitigate through your lighting choices.

Our wireless battery powered uplighting rentals are easy to use, last over 8 hours and require no cables or connectors to use making them the ultimate DIY event lighting.

Venue: Belmont Country Club – Ashburn, VA
Photography: Cynthia Kirsch Photography 

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