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Fairytale Once Upon a Time Midsummer Nights Dream cake with texture lighting and cake spotlight.

Once Upon a Time Midsummer Night’s Themed Cake & Lighting

Fairytale Once Upon a Time Midsummer Nights Dream cake with texture lighting and cake spotlight.

Fairytale “Once Upon a Time” / “Midsummer Nights Dream” cake with texture lighting and cake spotlight.

Beautiful cake display with a fairytale “Once Upon a Time” or “Midsummer Night’s Dream” cake. There’s lot’s going on in the photo so we’ll breakdown the elements used to create it.

  1. The purple lighting effect is from wireless uplights. This creates the base effect around the cake and throughout the room.
  2. Texture lighting is the pattern that shows up on the pipe and drape behind the cake. In this photo a simple breakup pattern was used to create a light and dark dreamy feeling.
  3. Pipe and drape was used behind the cake to soften up the wall that is normally there in the room.
  4. Trees were brought in (venue actually had them in there) and put behind the cake. We hung fairy berries in the branches to create slowly glowing magical firefly effect.
  5. Under the table lighting was achieved but using two of our wireless uplights.
  6. Candles and flower petals were used around the base of the cake with a  fabric wrap on the bottom of the cake stand to help feature the detail of the cake.
  7. Cake spotlights were used to help the cake stand out in the room and completed the look.

These lighting elements combine to create a beautifully dreamy and elegant atmosphere turning the cake from just a dessert sitting in the dark into a decor piece.

Venue: Ft. Belvoir Officer’s Club – Ft. Belvoir, VA
Flowers:  Royal Flower Designs – Springfield, VA

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white uplighting hotel monaco va

White Uplighting – Hotel Monaco – Alexandria, VA

white uplighting hotel monaco va

White uplighting enhances the beauty of a wedding at Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, VA.

White uplighting is an elegant way to transform a hotel ballroom for a wedding. Wireless uplighting elegantly enhances the elegant ballroom at Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Pin-spot lighting on the centerpieces makes the clean and elegant white flowers pop.

A cake spotlight makes the cake shine and shimmer and looks amazing in the white color scheme used for the wedding. This lighting works really well with the monogram lighting that is projected behind the cake for a beautiful way to personalize the space.

Texture lighting of a vine at the far wall of the ballroom adds a touch of elegance to the stale hotel ballroom walls.

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wireless uplights in purple with pin-spot lighting

Even Better Wireless Uplighting Rental Pricing! Shipped Nationwide

wireless uplights in purple with pin-spot lighting

Wireless uplights setup at the Sunset Room by Wolfgang Puck at National Harbor.

Wireless uplights for as little as $25 per light!

It’s easier and more cost effective than ever to add uplighting to your event.

Leave the cables, wires, limited color choices and frustration at home. Wireless uplighting lets you enjoy your event more and setup less.

Many cheap wired rental lights only let you choose from 7 preset colors. Our lights let you choose from over 16.7 million color combinations right at your finger tips.

Many wired uplight rentals are setup so you can only use their cables which means you have to use more lights even though you might not need them. It can look cheaper up front but is actually more expensive and takes a lot longer to setup.

This photo shows the Sunset Room at National Harbor in Maryland. 28 uplights were used in this setup. Total time for uplight setup by one person: 10 minutes

Trying to get the same setup with wired uplights would take over 45 minutes and it would be impossible to get a deep eggplant purple because of the limited colors.

It’s now easier and more cost effective than ever to go rent wireless uplights. Save money, transform your event, and spend more time enjoying the event.

Fill out the form on the right to check availability for your event today!

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wireless outdoor tree lighting

Outdoor Wireless Tree Lighting

wireless outdoor tree lighting

Wireless outdoor tree lighting at Whitehall Manor.

Transform unused outdoor venue space with our wireless uplights. Using wireless uplights outside at the base of trees turns the natural trees on the property into your rustic lighting features.

The lights are wireless and completely battery powered. They last up to 16 hours and because of the lighting technology used can change into any color that can be seen in a rainbow.

Many venues have beautiful outdoor spaces that are ignored in the evenings. Using the wireless uplights you can regain those beautiful outdoor spaces and turn them into viable outdoor spaces again. Outdoor spaces can be used for:

  • Lounge areas
  • Cigar bars
  • Hookah lounges
  • Camp fires
  • Corn hole
  • Ladder golf

Wireless uplights can also be used to highlight the outside of a venue, columns, or other architectural features of a venue.

Venue: Whitehall Manor – Bluemont, VA

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wireless uplighting purple and amber

Rent Wireless Uplights in New York City

rent-wireless-uplights-in-new-york-city wireless-uplight-rental-in-new-york-city-pink-blue wireless-uplighting-new-york-cityThese photos were sent to us by one of our clients using our wireless rental uplighting at their apartment in New York City. They throw parties showcasing artwork and music produced by their friends and needed a way to transform their apartment in a cost effective way. Renting wireless LED uplighting made it possible to add light, color and warmth to the space.

From the photo you can tell that running power cables and finding power outlets would be a tough task and take away from the overall look. Many venues and spaces don’t have power outlets spaced out in a logical way for lighting.

Literally take the light out of the case, turn it on, put it on the floor of where you would like light or color and the uplights start working right away.

Wireless uplights are a great way to minimize the amount of space needed to add lighting to your event. If the lights were any bigger they would take away from the useable floor space.

Each wireless uplight is 6in x 4.5in x 4.5in in size.

For more information on our wireless uplight rentals in New York City check out: http://rentuplights.com

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