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wedding monogram designs

New Wedding Monogram Designs

wedding monogram designs

Monogram wedding designs. Personalize your own monogram design today for your wedding.

We’ve just updated our wedding monogram designs offered in our personalized library. You can personalize any of these designs for your wedding monogram light rental free of charge. Or if you would like to purchase just a personalized design we can do that for you as well.

We’ve added new:

  • Damask monograms
  • Three letter initial monogram designs
  • Diamonds and pearls monogram
  • Snowflake monograms
  • Circle monogram designs
  • Classic monogram designs

Over 14 new designs!

Check out the new designs and reserve your wedding monogram light rental today!


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Alissa and Amanda Custom Love Bus Wedding Monogram Gobo

alissa_amanda_love_bus_monogram_light_design_red_custom_designedAlissa and Amanda had an awesome wedding in Washington, DC. This custom design is one we worked with them on creating into a gobo for their wedding.

Held in Washington, DC at Hotel Palomar we used red uplighting behind the logo and throughout the room to enhance the gobo and to enhance the overall room lighting. It completely transformed the room from standard hotel drab into a very chic and fantastic entertaining space.


This is a great example of the clean lines and design you can achieve with a glass black and white wedding gobo.

We also used some tribal themed gobos throughout the room to go with the feel of some of the architecture in the space. You can see how all the elements work together and the custom wedding gobo monogram in the background creates a strong focal point.



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Lauren and Brandon’s Wedding Monogram on the Dancefloor

dance_floor_monogram_lighting_rental_wedding_receptionBrandon and Lauren wanted a simple monogram that fit their personalities and fit in with the overall decor they had in place for their wedding.

We were so happy with the way that the monogram turned out on the dance floor. This particular venue had a darker than normal dance floor as it appears in the picture and the light did a great job of being able to project even in the daylight.

The gobo lights we use for rental use high intensity discharge (HID) lamps that offers some of the brightest and sharpest optics of any other gobo light. It’s about twice the brightness of lights that are 4 times the size and weight!

Thanks for Brandon and Lauren for sharing the photo and we wish them the best!

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