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air wall lighting track clamp

Do I Need a Light Stand for My Rental Light?

blacklight stand rental

Example of a blacklight mounted to a tripod light stand

Do I need a light stand for my light?

It depends on how you’ll be using your light and the space, different options are available for mounting and setting up your lights.

Think about light stands if:

  • You expect 100 or more guests at your event
  • Want to get the most effect out of your light rental
  • You want the easiest setup

Generally it’s a good idea to get a light stand.

Below are the stand and mounting options we offer and what’s recommend based on the light and your space.

Types of Light Stands and Mounting Options

Tripod Light Stand (most popular)

Compact, three leg stands extend upwards of 8-10ft, foot print of 3ft in diameter. We match each stand to the light being shipped so it’s a perfect fit. Plenty of room to project above your guests.

super clamp

Super clamps attach to anything 2in in diameter or less.

Recommended for:

  • Gobo lights
  • Texture lights
  • Monogram Lights
  • Bliss lights
  • Black lights
  • Cake and table washes

Super Clamp

Attach light fixtures to anything 2in in diameter or less. Existing light stands, speaker stands, pull up bars, volleyball posts, basketball hoops, truss, deck, railings, chain link fence, etc. Offers a lower cost option to mount lights using elements you already have.

drop ceiling lighting clamp

Drop ceiling clamps attach to the strips in between tiles in a drop ceiling. Good for lightweight light fixtures.

Recommended for:

  • Gobo lights
  • Texture lights
  • Monogram Lights
  • Bliss lights
  • Black lights
  • Cake and table washes
  • Pin-spots

Drop Ceiling Clamp

Clamps clip onto existing drop ceilings and allow mounting of lightweight light fixtures. Improper mounting can result in damage to the ceiling or serious injury to guests.

Recommended for:

  • Cake and table washes
  • Video lights
  • Cake spots
  • Pin-spots
air wall lighting track clamp

Air wall clamps attach to the air wall track available in some venues.

Air Wall Track Clamp

Clamps attach to air wall track in hotel ballrooms. These allow for advanced hanging and configurations. Recommended only for event professionals.

Recommended for:

  • Any of our rental lights

Why would I need a light stand, don’t the rental lights already have a built in stand? 

A light stand elevates the lighting fixture so you can project light exactly where you want it. Stands are most helpful for:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of the light by projecting down on guests
  • Raising the light effect so it doesn’t project in guests eyes
  • Clearing guests heads so they don’t create shadows or block a projection
  • Keeping curious guests from “adjusting” your light during the event
  • Create more useable space in the room
  • Getting the light to the optimal angle for projecting the best effect

Think of your rental light like a flashlight, wherever you aim it light will appear. If something walks in front of the light it will block the effect.

Tripod light stand

Tripod light stands increase the effectiveness of the lighting effect.

All of our lights have basic built in bases. These can be put on sturdy flat surfaces and allow minimal movement adjusting the light fixture. If you have area(s) where you can place the light out of the way of guests or don’t mind guests walking in front of the light, the built in stand may be a good fit.

Lights that may work well with the built in stand:

  • Blisslights (aimed up at ceiling)
  • Blacklights (less than 100 people)
  • Cake Spotlights

We always recommend a stand for gobo/monogram lights, if you don’t elevate the light people will walk in front and block the projection.

Bottom Line on Light Stands

You know your event and the event space best. Make sure you have a place to mount or set the rental lights that is out of the way of guests and people walking in front of them.  This will allow you to achieve the best lighting effect possible.

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blisslights compared in a video

Video of Blisslights Compared

What’s the difference between a Blisslight 15 and a Blisslight 50? How do the blue Blisslight models look like compared to the green ones?

We did a head to head test of the Blisslight 50 (Green), Blisslight 15 (Green), and the Blissilght 15 (Blue) to show you exactly what each light looks like under the same lighting conditions.

Blisslights were resting on the floor aimed up at a white ceiling. The ceiling was 6.5ft away from the light fixture. The room was 15ftx16ft and each light was able to more than fill the room at that distance with laser stars.

All Blisslights tested:
– Have a slow moving blue nebula effect that can be dimmed
– Nebula effect is approximately 2.5ft of diameter throw for every 1ft of distance to the source it’s projecting onto up to about 25ft x 25ft
– Stars slowly move
– Will easily cover the ceiling over any dance floor

The Blisslight 50:
– Much more powerful laser and multiple holographic elements that create a more realistic universe of stars.
– Effectively covers a 50ft x 50ft area (double the Blisslight 15)
– Needs to be used with a stand

The Blisslight (15) Blue:
– Stars appear more realistic in color
– Stars are slightly blurry compared to Blisslight Green versions

Check out our rent blisslights page for more information on reserving any of the blisslights for your event.

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Even More Bliss Light Rentals, Lowest Price, Free Shipping, Nationwide!


Dance under the stars with our lowest priced blisslight rental packages.

We just added even more Bliss lights (starry sky effect) to our inventory! Get the look of dancing under the stars for your event today! Not only that we have the best pricing guaranteed when you rent a bliss light from us.

Lot’s of mounting options, stand options and ways to get the absolute most out of your Blisslight. Let us know how you’re using it and we’ll get you setup with the best looking starry sky light at the best price.

You can also check out 4 easy ways to get starry sky effects at your event today.

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Quinceañera Lighting Rentals

Quinceañera birthday girl

Lighting is a great way to make a Quinceañera truly memorable.

Celebrating a Quinceañera is a huge milestone in a young woman’s life when she turns 15. One of the most cost effective way’s to decorate for party is with lighting. Lighting can literally transform a boring event space into something truly magical.

Some of the best lighting elements to use for a quince años are:

  • Monogram / Gobo Lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Blisslights
  • Cake Spotlights

Quinceañera Monogram Lighting

Quinceañera gobo and monogram samples

Quinceañera monograms, perfect for personalizing Mis Quince Años party.

Choose from our library of designs to create a unique design for your Quinceañera. If you don’t see a design you like we can work with a design you already have or create a completely new design. The lights are really easy to setup and are perfect for creating a strong focal point in your event space.

You can also create “figuras en el cielo” effect by projecting patterns from the party on the ceiling or on the walls of your venue. You would just need to send us the patterns or textures your would like to use.

Rent Uplights for a Quinceañera

Wireless uplighting is the easiest way to add color and ambiance to your party. Enhance your Quince’s color palette and add instant visual appeal and elegance to your space.

Uplights have a wireless controller so you can have the lights change to the music, fade through colors for slow dances and transform a boring room into a party in less than 3 minutes! You can have your entire event space setup and set to the color(s) you want.

See more on how you can rent uplighting and transform your Quinceañera.


Dance under the stars with our blisslight rental packages.

Rent a Starry Sky Effect for a Quinceañera

The Blisslight creates 1000′s of pinpoints of light that look like stars that slowly move towards and away from eachother creating a slow-moving starry night effect. Behind the stars, the light produces a blue/purple “nebula” that slowly moves, creating a captivating 3-D effect. The perfect effect for creating the feeling of dancing under the stars. Make your father daughter dance magical by dancing under the stars of a blisslight. Rent a blisslight today and see how you can dance under the stars for your Quinceañera.

Quinceañera Cake Spotlights

A cake spotlight is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to illuminate one of the biggest focal points of your Quince!

The average cost of a cake is $500!!!

Let one of the most expensive decor items you’ll have at the party shine with the cake spotlight package.

cake spotlight quince

A cake spotlight can really make your cake shine.

Your completely wireless cake spotlight package illuminates your cake for all your guests to enjoy. Your cake spotlight is actually a mix of three separate lights so the cake looks amazing from every angle, in any venue.

Learn more about renting a cake spotlight.

Rent Lighting for Your Quinceanera Today!

Remember, decorations you have at your Quince won’t be able to be seen without lighting. Renting DIY lighting for your Quinceanera will help you save money and enhance all the other decorations you’ve put together for one of the most important days of your life. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your party!

Check Availability and Book Now
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