Rent Wireless Uplights

diy rental uplights battery powered wireless amber

6 DIY rental uplights used along a fabric wall with 20ft ceilings.

Rent wireless uplights for as little as $22 per light!

Wireless uplighting is the easiest way to add color and create the perfect ambiance for your event. Add instant visual appeal and elegance to your space. See how in less than 2 minutes you can light your entire event space with the color you want.

Quick Setup, Under 2 Minutes!

Did we mention it’s quick and easy?

  1. Turn each light “ON”  – (30 seconds)
  2. Touch the color you want on the Rainbow Touch Wheel Controller – (15 seconds)
  3. Place the lights where you want to add color – (60 seconds)

Total Time: 1 minutes 45 seconds!

wireless uplight controller remote with color wheel

Touch the color on the color wheel, all your lights change to that color. It’s that simple!

Similar uplights that plug in can take over 60 min to setup! Not to mention cables and wires running everywhere, dealing with power, broken electrical outlets at venues, missing electrical outlets, not enough power cables, etc. The last thing you need to be dealing with at your event is running cables everywhere!

The rental battery uplights come in compact packs of six. It may be the easiest part of your entire setup and have the biggest impact on the look of the event space.

Your rental wireless uplights are:

  • easy & quick to setup (less than 2 minutes!)
  • cost effective
  • battery powered (up to 20+ hours of run time out of the box)
  • compact (6in x 5in x 5in)
  • wireless controller with color wheel
  • bright and dimmable
  • hundreds of colors, literally “touch” the color you want
uplights made in america

All of our wireless uplights are proudly made in America.

The quickest and easiest setup of any light rental, anywhere, period. Your rental wireless uplights will achieve a virtually limitless range of colors via the touch color-wheel controller.

Your lights ship charged and ready to go. In less than 2 minutes you can have your lights setup, running and on the color you want.

No cables, no wires, no worries.

How Does a Wireless Uplight Work?

The lights are extremely easy to use. Check out our video on how easy it is to use them.

How Many Uplights Do I Need?


Six uplights used for a cocktail hour.

Each setup is different and the number of lights you need can vary on the type of room, number of guests, windows etc.

Check out how many uplights do I need for a complete way of estimating your uplights. Below is a quick way to estimate how many lights you’ll need.

A basic way to estimate the number of uplights you will need is based on the number of guests:

What Does a Wireless Uplight Rental Include?

wireless uplight for rental

Wireless uplights for rental nationwide. Small, compact, easy to use.

Each rental includes everything you need to project beautiful colors anywhere in your event space.

Each rental battery uplight package includes:

  • Battery powered, wireless controlled  lights (Each light features (12 1-watt) ultra-bright RGB LEDs)
  • Wireless lighting controller
  • Easy to follow photo instructions
  • Expert advice on getting the best setup possible out of your lights
  • Lights last 16+ hours per charge depending on color
  • Shipping both ways anywhere in the continental US
purple uplighting monogram lighting under table lighting

DIY rental uplights set to purple used with our rental monogram light.


Check out our latest pricing information on our wireless uplighting rentals.

All of our uplighting pricing includes shipping both ways and everything you need to uplight your event.

Reserve Your Lighting Today!

We have a limited number of rental uplights available so make sure to reserve today! Find out if your date is available now using the link below.

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