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white uplighting hotel monaco va

White Uplighting – Hotel Monaco – Alexandria, VA

white uplighting hotel monaco va

White uplighting enhances the beauty of a wedding at Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, VA.

White uplighting is an elegant way to transform a hotel ballroom for a wedding. Wireless uplighting elegantly enhances the elegant ballroom at Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Pin-spot lighting on the centerpieces makes the clean and elegant white flowers pop.

A cake spotlight makes the cake shine and shimmer and looks amazing in the white color scheme used for the wedding. This lighting works really well with the monogram lighting that is projected behind the cake for a beautiful way to personalize the space.

Texture lighting of a vine at the far wall of the ballroom adds a touch of elegance to the stale hotel ballroom walls.

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wedding monogram designs

New Wedding Monogram Designs

wedding monogram designs

Monogram wedding designs. Personalize your own monogram design today for your wedding.

We’ve just updated our wedding monogram designsĀ offered in our personalized library. You can personalize any of these designs for your wedding monogram light rental free of charge. Or if you would like to purchase just a personalized design we can do that for you as well.

We’ve added new:

  • Damask monograms
  • Three letter initial monogram designs
  • Diamonds and pearls monogram
  • Snowflake monograms
  • Circle monogram designs
  • Classic monogram designs

Over 14 new designs!

Check out the new designs and reserve your wedding monogram light rental today!


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fort belvoir officers club wedding lighting monogram light dancefloor

Fort Belvoir Officers Club Wedding Monogram Lighting

fort belvoir officers club wedding lighting monogram light dancefloor

Wedding monogram light projected on the dancefloor in front of the sweetheart table.

This photo is an example of a classic three letter monogram projected on the dancefloor at the Officers Club at Fort Belvoir in Fort Belvoir, VA.

One of the biggest challenges lighting at the Fort Belvoir Officers Club is the large windows and expansive views that let in lots of natural light. Natural light is the strongest form of lighting and many times washes out the effect of wedding lighting. One of the benefits of our lighting is the color temperature is different from natural light allowing it to show up better in rooms with lots of natural light.

The effect of the monogram will intensify as the evening progresses but in this example the light held up in challenging lighting conditions. When lighting for your wedding think of ways to increase the darkness or control the lightness in the room so you can achieve the right lighting conditions for your event.

A monogram light for your wedding can add a beautiful focal point to a room and we can help you achieve the best results possible on a DIY budget.

Venue: Officers Club at Fort Belvoir – Fort Belvoir, VA

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dance floor wedding monogram

Dance floor Wedding Monogram Light – Kimball Ballroom, MO

dance floor wedding monogram

This is an example of our wedding monogram rental transparency option. The bride had a design she wanted to use from her wedding invitations and we were able to take the design and create a gobo out of it that she was able to project on the dance floor. The design was very intricate and we were able to maintain the detail in the design with the light.

The purple hue is from uplighting that their DJ was able to provide for them and the monogram light provided the perfect focal point in the space.

The light worked great! We got many compliments on it šŸ™‚ Thanks again! – Liz (Bride)

Venue: Kimball BallroomĀ – Columbia, MO

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