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blisslights compared in a video

Video of Blisslights Compared

What’s the difference between a Blisslight 15 and a Blisslight 50? How do the blue Blisslight models look like compared to the green ones?

We did a head to head test of the Blisslight 50 (Green), Blisslight 15 (Green), and the Blissilght 15 (Blue) to show you exactly what each light looks like under the same lighting conditions.

Blisslights were resting on the floor aimed up at a white ceiling. The ceiling was 6.5ft away from the light fixture. The room was 15ftx16ft and each light was able to more than fill the room at that distance with laser stars.

All Blisslights tested:
– Have a slow moving blue nebula effect that can be dimmed
– Nebula effect is approximately 2.5ft of diameter throw for every 1ft of distance to the source it’s projecting onto up to about 25ft x 25ft
– Stars slowly move
– Will easily cover the ceiling over any dance floor

The Blisslight 50:
– Much more powerful laser and multiple holographic elements that create a more realistic universe of stars.
– Effectively covers a 50ft x 50ft area (double the Blisslight 15)
– Needs to be used with a stand

The Blisslight (15) Blue:
– Stars appear more realistic in color
– Stars are slightly blurry compared to Blisslight Green versions

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wedding monogram lighting the mill at fine creek richmond va

Wedding Monogram Design – Dani & Sean

wedding monogram lighting the mill at fine creek richmond va

Transparency wedding monogram gobo design and light rental with teal uplighting rental and water effect light.

The Mill at Fine Creek in Richmond, VA is a great venue to work in and does extremely well with wedding lighting.

For Dani and Sean’s wedding we came up with a concept that incorporates a take on the infinity symbol into the overall design re-inforcing the nuances and meaning of the marriage ceremony. It worked exceptionally well with the uplighting that was in the space.

We also used a blisslight rental on the ceiling to create the feeling of being at the beach or the water which was very important to them. We covered the laser projection and just used the water/nebula effect the light creates.

A strong focal point, pops of color with teal, and the moving water effect from the blisslight helped transform this venue and create a high impact focal point.

Date: June 2nd, 2012
Mill at Fine Creek – Richmond, VA

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