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brightest blacklight glow long throw

Meet Our Newest, Brightest Rental Blacklights

brightest blacklight glow long throw

150w LED Array Blacklight available in 25, 35 and 45 degree beam angles.

Our brightest rental blacklights just got brighter!

Now available for rental are the latest generation of long throw LED blacklights with 150 watts of glow-in-your face blacklight power. These are 50 watts more powerful than the previous generation of blacklights offered for rental.

These lights are perfect for washing large areas with blacklight like:

  • Pep rallys
  • Glow sports (dodgeball, basketball, tennis, golf, bowling)
  • Glow runs
  • Gymnasiums
  • Arenas
  • Block parties
  • Dance parties

Our new blacklights incorporate an interchangeable lens system with 25 degree, 35 degree and 45 degree lens options going from the most narrow applications to the widest throw for the most coverage in smaller spaces.

When you need more throw to illuminate areas farther away the 25 degree lens is perfect. For more of a wash effect and wider coverage, the 35 degree and 45 degree lenses are the right application.

Custom glow graffiti artwork illuminated with a blacklight.

In dark environments these blacklights will throw their glow effect over 300ft. This makes them perfect for school gyms, community centers, glow runs.

These new blacklights are easy to use, plug them in, aim them and watch your event space glow. No need to mess with menus or complicated programming. Advanced dimming control is available directly on the light but isn’t necessary to operate the light.

If you need more control over these lights they feature both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX. We also have wireless control options available for these lights giving you more options for theatrical and stage applications. From adding wireless capabilities to DMX controls we have easy to use solutions ready to rent custom configured for your event.

The best part? Get the brightest blacklights for your event for the same price as our previous generation of blacklights!

See how much you’ll save going DIY with our blacklight rental pricing.




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altitude dispensary lighting

Corporate Sponsorship Concert Lighting Rental

altitude dispensary lighting

Showcase your logo or your sponsors logo at your event with a gobo light.

Altitude dispensary in Colorado recently used three of our gobo projector rentals to light up their logo at a live concert at the end of April.

They have a great logo to work with featuring a mosaic of greens in the shape of two mountain peaks.The key to their logo was recreating green from their logo in a way that would project well. We did a one color gobo to make sure the light would stand up the the lighting.

Gobo lighting is a cost effective way to display your corporate logo or your sponsors logos at your event in a bright, eye catching and vibrant way.

Client: Altitude Dispensary
Date: April 20th, 2014

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fuchsia wedding uplighting monogram light and cake spotlight for a wedding

Wedding Lighting at Sequoia Restaurant – Washington, DC

fuchsia wedding uplighting monogram light and cake spotlight for a wedding

This is a great example of wedding rental lights that we offer working together for a wedding. In working with wedding lighting it’s best to work in combinations of three lighting elements. This example features a focal point (monogram), highlights (cake), and color (uplighting). This creates a complete lighting design and our rental lighting makes it easy. This wedding lighting was setup at Sequoia Restaurant in Georgetown (Washington, DC).

In this lighting example it shows the rental monogram light projecting their logo on a stone wall above the cake. The cake features our rental cake spotlighting that really helps the cake pop and shine in a dark space. Throughout the room shows when you rent battery powered LED uplighting. Fuchsia is a great color for these lights and it did a great job pulling together the colors of the flowers and the accent vases, candle holders, and the napkins.

Venue: Sequoia Georgetown – Washington, DC
Lighting Design: Superlative Events

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diy gobo rental chrysler art museum norfolk virginia wedding amber

Chrysler Art Museum – Norfolk, VA | Wedding Gobo Rental

diy gobo rental chrysler art museum norfolk virginia wedding amberThis is a great example of our DIY LED gobo projector rental. This light was projected from a balcony in the room and was competing with amber uplighting that was in the space. The light provided a really great focal point that defined a very large art museum space.

The light is very easy to setup and from start to finish takes 10 minutes to setup.

We love how the large clean monogram translated well for this wedding and it really made a difference in the large space.

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