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Gobo Light Package Pricing

wedding monogram rental transparency

Wedding monogram rental on a parquet dance floor.

Standard rental package pricing includes:

  • 3 days lead time from receipt of signed contract and payment
  • Pre-paid shipping both ways (continental US)
  • Monogram design library customization / logo conversion ($60 value)
  • Black and white transparency gobo
  • Light rental for the event
  • 10ft lighting stand
  • Your custom gobo disc for re-use
  • Your custom gobo design in high-resolution format
  • 30ft extension cable
  • Gaffers tape
  • Carrying case
  • Visual set-up instructions

Gobo Standard Package Pricing: $199

Gobo Package Options

Get the most out of your light rental with these fantastic options:

  • Custom Design – You may need a completely original and new design. We would love to create that design for you! Work with our designers to come up with a completely customized and unique design for your event! +$59
  • Color Gobo – Full color gobo with your design +$30
  • Color Filters – Add a single color to your logo. We’ll install a color filter that will change the color of your entire projection. +$10
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Gobo Light Rental ONLY

If you already have a D-size or E-size gobo in hand, you can rent just the gobo projector light, without the design, stand, cable or other rental fees. You will receive the same high-quality gobo light that we provide in our complete package (above), using your own gobo.

Our gobo projectors use a specialized “E-Size” & “D-Size” gobo this is not the general standard B-size or M-size.

Make sure that your gobo is sized to these dimensions or it will not work in your gobo light rental. We are not responsible for gobo not fitting if we don’t supply them.

Gobo Light Projector Rental Only (for use with customer-supplied D or E Size gobo) – $109.00

Gobo Pricing

If you just need the gobo template and already have a light and design or want to use one of our library designs, we’ll work with you to come up with the right size and type of template to fit the light you’ll be projecting with.

Gobo prices include ground shipping.

Gobo Materials

  • Plastic Gobo*  – Grayscale images comparable to glass gobos. For use in LED projectors.  $49
  • Plastic Gobo (Full Color)* – Full color gobos. $59
  • Steel Gobo – When durability and many hours of use are needed from your gobo. $128
  • Glass Gobo (Grayscale ) – When the clearest, brightest, most durable image is required. $169
  • Glass Gobo (2-Color) – When the clearest, brightest, most color accurate image is required. $319
  • Glass Gobo (Full-Color) – When you want to project photos or complete color images. $469

* Plastic gobos only work in specific LED light fixtures and will not work in all gobo lights. Our gobos  have been tested and work in:

  • EcoSpot 40
  • EcoSpot 60
  • Source 4WRD

Texture Lighting Pricing

custom gobo design and production

Glass gobo templates.

Texture lighting utilizes any of our stock design templates and allows you to project a pattern or design on a wall. Perfect for when you want to project a pattern like:

  • Snowflakes
  • Stars
  • Faux Chandeliers or windows
  • Vine patterns
  • Damask patterns

These lights include a rotation feature that will let the design slowly rotate in place at the press of a button. All texture lighting pricing includes:

  • Texture Light
  • 30ft extension cable
  • Free ground shipping both ways

Price: $109 each

Popular Texture Light Add-ons

Prism: The prism triples your texture image and triples the size of the effect. $10

Light Stand: Get the texture light on a 10ft light stand to better control placement and the overall look of the effect light.

  • 1 – 10ft light stand – $39
  • 2+ – 10ft light stands – $29/each
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wireless uplighting purple and amber

Wireless uplighting in purple and amber.

Wireless Uplighting Rental Pricing

All of our wireless uplighting package pricing includes:

  • Battery powered, wirelessly controlled  lights (Each light features (12) ultra-bright 1 watt RGB LEDs)
  • Wireless lighting controller
  • Easy to follow photo instructions
  • Expert advice on getting the best setup possible out of your lights
  • Lights last 20+ hours per charge depending on color
  • Pre-paid shipping both ways (continental US)

  • 1 sample wireless uplight – $50
  • 2-4 wireless uplights – $35/light
  • 5-9 wireless uplights – $25/light
  • 10-32 wireless uplights – $24/light
  • 33+ wireless uplights – $23/light 
* We require an additional refundable security deposit before the light ships with each uplight rental. This deposit is refunded back to you as soon as we receive the rental back on-time and in normal working order.


Blisslight 50 rental light package.

Blisslight Rental Pricing

Our Blisslight rentals are the perfect way to project a starry night sky or cloud effect at your event. One of the biggest coverage areas of all of our rental lighting.

We have four Blisslight options

  • Blisslight 50 – Blue or Green (largest coverage area 50ftx50ft+, most natural looking starry effect)
  • Blisslight 15  – Blue or Green (slightly smaller coverage area, 25ftx25ft)

Our Blisslight 50 Rental Package Includes:

  • Blisslight 50 light (50ftx50ft coverage area+)
  • 30ft extension cable
  • Pre-paid shipping both ways (continental US)

Blisslight 50 rental package is: $200 

Our Blisslight 15 Rental Package Includes: 

  • Blisslight 15 light (blue or green stars) (25ftx25ft coverage area)
  • 30ft extension cable
  • Pre-paid shipping both ways (continental US)

  • 1 Blisslight 15 – $129
  • 2-3 Blisslight 15’s – $97/light
  • 4+ Blisslight 15’s – $87/light

Light Stand: Get better control placement and the overall look of the effect light.

  • 1 – 10ft light stand – $39
  • 2+ – 10ft light stands – $29/each
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Cake Spotlight Pricing

wireless cake spotlight package before and after whitehall manor

Wireless cake spotlight package before and after.

Your cake spotlight package includes three wireless pin-spot lights to illuminate your cake. It comes with everything you need to make sure your cake shines.

The Cake Spotlight Package Includes:

  • Three battery powered, wireless pin-spot lights
  • Up to 40+ hours per charge
  • Completely dimmable
  • Tightly focused light beam shoots over 60ft
  • Bendable magnetic feet can attach to almost any surface
  • Discrete, lightweight, compact

Cake Spotlight Package is: $25 with any other rental


$49 if rented by itself including shipping.

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Blacklight Rental Pricing

glow parties and rental lighting

We now offer the latest in high-power UV, blacklight lighting for events shipped directly to you.

Your blacklight rental package includes everything you need to make your event glow!

The Blacklight Rental Package Includes:

  • 100w COB LED Blacklight, DMX capable
  • Power cables
  • Case
  • Instructions

  • 1 blacklight – $129.00
  • 2-3 blacklights – $89.00/light
  • 4-5 blacklights – $88.00/light
  • 6+ blacklights – $87.00/light

Popular Add-On: Light Stand – Get the blacklight higher up and get better control over the wash of blacklight at your event.

  • 1 – 10ft light stand – $39
  • 2+ – 10ft light stands – $29/each

Outdoor Blacklights

IP 65 rated waterproof blacklights are perfect for outdoor events. Setup your lights outside with peace of mind that they won’t be damaged by rain or snow.

  • 100w COB LED Blacklight, DMX capable
  • Power cables
  • Case
  • Instructions
  • Pre-paid shipping both ways (continental US)
  • 1 – waterproof blacklight – $150.00
  • 2+ – waterproof blacklights – $125.00/light

Light Stand: Get better control placement and the overall look of the effect light.

  • 1 – 10ft light stand – $39
  • 2+ – 10ft light stands – $29/each
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Turnaround Times

standard light rental shipping times by location

We can turnaround many rentals in less than 24 hours if the contract, payment (and if applicable designs) are secured by 4:00pm EST. Three business days is standard.

Rush Pricing

Additional rush pricing may apply to your order for your event turned around same day or next day.

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