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halloween hanging ghost floating effect

Rent a Blacklight for Halloween

halloween black light rental tombstone glow sticks

Renting a blacklight for your halloween party is the perfect way to decorate and add punch and pop for the perfect spooky glow.

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to get your blacklight rental in today!

Renting blacklights is by far the most cost effective way to light your halloween party. Our high power blacklights use the latest LED COB blacklight technology to make sure your party will glow. With over 100w in blacklight power, they are the most powerful rental LED blacklights on the market today and are twice as bright as any other rental you can get today. We offer the lowest price per watt of blacklight power anywhere.

halloween hanging ghost floating effect

Create eerie floating halloween ghosts by using blacklights with white ghosts hanging by clear fishing line.

Blacklights are perfect for illuminating:

  • fluorescent paints
  • uv reactive halloween decor
  • highlighter bottles
  • tide detergent
  • ghosts
  • scream masks
  • glow necklaces and glow sticks

Creating the perfect halloween ambiance starts with our rental blacklights.

To create the ultimate halloween effects check our our wireless uplights and our blisslight rentals to create the ultimate starry sky effect. Our of our rental lighting effects work perfectly together to create the perfect halloween backdrop for your halloween party.

Blacklight Rental Pricing

Check out our blacklight rental pricing, the more you rent the more you save!

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ACC Gobo Logo Light for College Basketball

ACC Basketball Gobo for College Basketball

ACC Gobo Logo Light for College Basketball

This is a great example of our color 2-color transparency gobo logo projected on a ceiling. This is a fantastic way to get high quality, high resolution color gobo’s for the price of a single glass color gobo.

This particular design is being used for the ACC tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina in the final college basketball playoffs. We were able to turn this design around and get it into the clients hands in less than 72 hours. The ACC team wanted a way to project their logo and brand a media space quickly and this light was a great fit to do that.

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One Color Transparency Gobo – Lowest Priced Color Gobo

one color transparency gobo lowest priced color gobo

This is our latest example of a one color transparency gobo. This brings the speed, clarity, and cost effectiveness of color for everyday needs.

In this example we worked with Congressional Schools of Virginia to come up with a gobo that reflected their design and brand that featured a vibrant green, that would look good projected on a concrete pool deck.

Using our latest advancements in color transparency gobos we were able to get the green color they needed incorporated into the design and ended up saving them $200 off the cost of a similar glass gobo design. A major benefit to these gobo templates is the absence of a visible half tone dot grain in the color.

Thanks for the light, it worked out great! – Dan O’Neil, Camp Director


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