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wedding monogram lighting the mill at fine creek richmond va

Wedding Monogram Design – Dani & Sean

wedding monogram lighting the mill at fine creek richmond va

Transparency wedding monogram gobo design and light rental with teal uplighting rental and water effect light.

The Mill at Fine Creek in Richmond, VA is a great venue to work in and does extremely well with wedding lighting.

For Dani and Sean’s wedding we came up with a concept that incorporates a take on the infinity symbol into the overall design re-inforcing the nuances and meaning of the marriage ceremony. It worked exceptionally well with the uplighting that was in the space.

We also used a blisslight rental on the ceiling to create the feeling of being at the beach or the water which was very important to them. We covered the laser projection and just used the water/nebula effect the light creates.

A strong focal point, pops of color with teal, and the moving water effect from the blisslight helped transform this venue and create a high impact focal point.

Date: June 2nd, 2012
Mill at Fine Creek – Richmond, VA

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wedding monogram rental transparency

Wedding Monogram Lighting – Hilton Old Town Alexandria, VA


We had the opportunity to work with Catherine and Ed Vint for their wedding at the Hilton Old Town Alexandria, VA on June 30th, 2012. We worked with a design that they had used on their invitations and created a wedding monogram light that they used at their wedding.

They wanted to project the monogram on the dance floor for the beginning of the wedding and then right as dancing started, adjusted the light so it shined above the cake. This way they maximized being able to have the light show up throughout the evening and not disappear  as monograms can do once dancing starts.

Venue: Hilton Old Town – Alexandria, VA

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vintage inspired wedding monogram design light projection oxon hill manor wedding

Vintage Inspired Wedding Monogram Design – Oxon Hill Manor – Oxon Hill, MD

vintage inspired wedding monogram design light projection oxon hill manor wedding

This vintage inspired wedding monogram design was used at Nehall & Paul’s wedding at Oxon Hill Manor in Oxon Hill, MD. It added the perfect focal point in the room that was used for dancing. We were able to get the projection to fit in the space right above a large mirror in the room.

The green dots were from a blisslight rental that we provided and the blue is from our battery powered wireless LED uplights that we provided as well.

It helped take a room that was lacking color and helped transform it into a space worthy of entertaining in for their evening wedding reception.

This design can be used for your wedding by visiting our current wedding monogram designs. We can provide it either as a light and a complete gobo projector rental package or if you just want the design we are more than happy to create it with your name and information for your wedding.

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Dancefloor Texture Lighting & Red Uplighting – Marriott Greenbelt, MD

marriott greenbelt maryland red uplighting monogram texture lighting ballroomThis photo is from a wedding at the Marriott Greenbelt in Greenbelt Maryland. This photo features red uplighting, two texture lights on the dancefloor and a grayscale glass monogram on the fabric behind the head table.

In this case we used a smaller degree gobo lens to make sure we could get the monogram to fit behind the head table.

The texture lights on the dancefloor worked well to bring together the patterns used in the wedding decor and repeat them on a larger scale on the dancefloor.

This type of lighting also doubles as dance lighting when guests are out on the dancefloor.


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