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new york city skyline gobo next day delivery to new york

One Day Shipping to New York City

new york city skyline gobo next day delivery to new york

New York City skyline gobo projected on gym divider with purple wireless uplights.

Last minute rental in New York City? No problem!

We’re excited to offer one day ground shipping to most of New York City and Long Island. Get the rental lighting you need without the expensive overnight shipping costs.

Whether you need a monogram light last minuterent black lights for your glow party fast or wash your space in color with next day wireless uplights, we can help you out.

In most cases we can accommodate rentals for the next day if ordered by 1pm EST.

Turn your boring event into something magical today. Check rental availability in New York City today.


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frozen themed party princess snowflakes blue stars

Frozen Themed Party Gobo Light

frozen themed party princess snowflakes blue stars

Frozen themed party gobo light with blisslight behind it.

The movie Frozen is a great place to pull inspiration for some pretty amazing party lighting ideas.

We combined a blisslight 15 rental  with a gobo light to create this magical Frozen inspired design and lighting concept for Emilia’s 5th birthday.

Using the blisslight behind the gobo light and design adds a unique moving element that enhances the Frozen feel by having a slow moving blue pattern and stars behind it.

We also recommend using blue battery powered uplights to help accentuate the frozen feeling as well in the room.

Get this look today and create your own Frozen party! Check availability for your party.

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Quinceañera Lighting Rentals

Quinceañera birthday girl

Lighting is a great way to make a Quinceañera truly memorable.

Celebrating a Quinceañera is a huge milestone in a young woman’s life when she turns 15. One of the most cost effective way’s to decorate for party is with lighting. Lighting can literally transform a boring event space into something truly magical.

Some of the best lighting elements to use for a quince años are:

  • Monogram / Gobo Lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Blisslights
  • Cake Spotlights

Quinceañera Monogram Lighting

Quinceañera gobo and monogram samples

Quinceañera monograms, perfect for personalizing Mis Quince Años party.

Choose from our library of designs to create a unique design for your Quinceañera. If you don’t see a design you like we can work with a design you already have or create a completely new design. The lights are really easy to setup and are perfect for creating a strong focal point in your event space.

You can also create “figuras en el cielo” effect by projecting patterns from the party on the ceiling or on the walls of your venue. You would just need to send us the patterns or textures your would like to use.

Rent Uplights for a Quinceañera

Wireless uplighting is the easiest way to add color and ambiance to your party. Enhance your Quince’s color palette and add instant visual appeal and elegance to your space.

Uplights have a wireless controller so you can have the lights change to the music, fade through colors for slow dances and transform a boring room into a party in less than 3 minutes! You can have your entire event space setup and set to the color(s) you want.

See more on how you can rent uplighting and transform your Quinceañera.


Dance under the stars with our blisslight rental packages.

Rent a Starry Sky Effect for a Quinceañera

The Blisslight creates 1000′s of pinpoints of light that look like stars that slowly move towards and away from eachother creating a slow-moving starry night effect. Behind the stars, the light produces a blue/purple “nebula” that slowly moves, creating a captivating 3-D effect. The perfect effect for creating the feeling of dancing under the stars. Make your father daughter dance magical by dancing under the stars of a blisslight. Rent a blisslight today and see how you can dance under the stars for your Quinceañera.

Quinceañera Cake Spotlights

A cake spotlight is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to illuminate one of the biggest focal points of your Quince!

The average cost of a cake is $500!!!

Let one of the most expensive decor items you’ll have at the party shine with the cake spotlight package.

cake spotlight quince

A cake spotlight can really make your cake shine.

Your completely wireless cake spotlight package illuminates your cake for all your guests to enjoy. Your cake spotlight is actually a mix of three separate lights so the cake looks amazing from every angle, in any venue.

Learn more about renting a cake spotlight.

Rent Lighting for Your Quinceanera Today!

Remember, decorations you have at your Quince won’t be able to be seen without lighting. Renting DIY lighting for your Quinceanera will help you save money and enhance all the other decorations you’ve put together for one of the most important days of your life. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your party!

Check Availability and Book Now
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stars shining on an air wall

Denim & Diamonds Party Lighting – Howard University Blackburn Center

western gobo light denim and diamonds party blackburn center DC

Custom Denim and Diamonds Gobo with blue and white uplighting at Howard University’s Blackburn Center

This features event lighting from Moorean’s birthday party at Howard University at the Blackburn Center. We’ve done events at the Blackburn Center before and knew that the room had tall ceilings, terrible room lighting with no control, and a massive air wall that most of our clients hatewith a passion!

Moorean had a Denim and Diamonds theme to the party and incorporated a western type of feel throughout their decor elements including a live gold cowboy statue, denim and western attire, and western themed drinks and food.

Howard University Blackburn Center Airwall with Gobo lighting of stars and a saloon sign

We transformed the air wall with gobo lighting of a starry night sky and a custom saloon sign above the 16ft bar.

To fix the issues with the space we set them up with our wireless uplighting and used two colors, white and blue to bring light into the space so we could turn off the overhead lights. This bathed the room in a blue and white light that was much better than the florescent-terrible-undimmable overhead lighting. They were going to have a cake so our cake spotlight package was an easy option to really showcase the cake.

before photo of event lighting

Before photos of Howard University’s Blackburn Center, terrible overhead lights are not good for parties.

The massive air wall is always a problem in this room. They have such a cool effect with the large exposed brick walls inside and then ruin it with a massive 70’sesque air wall. We transformed the air wall into a sign above the bar with a western starry sky feel and a custom designed MoMo’s Saloon sign. This created a focal point around the 16ft bar in the room and let people know exactly where the drinks were. Every western town has a bar and needs a bar/saloon. These lights transformed the air wall into the starry sky with a personalized saloon sign. We also created a denim jean pocket encrusted with diamond rivets to personalize the space for Moorean’s Denim & Diamonds party. Our gobo lights are perfect for customizing and personalizing any large event space.

Before event lighting photo blackburn center

Before photo of the Blackburn Center

The overall effect really transformed the room and you can tell by the before and afters that it really made a huge difference in the space.

With our rental lights it’s easy to get the effect you want for a fraction of the price of hiring an outside company to do it. Check out our event lighting rental pricing to see how much you can save today!

Venue: Howard University Blackburn Center
Lighting: Superlative Events

We are so grateful to work with awesome people like Moorean, here’s what she had to say about the event.

“You transformed that dingy, dinky place into a gorgeous western scene.  I told your brother that you guys were just “showing off”!  Seriously,  I am more than pleased with everything.  A worker there told me that he has worked there for 34 years and that room had never, ever been transformed to that magnitude.!  That partition “popped”! The gobos were awesome! The uplighting was eloquent and breathtaking. Again, what can I say, but thank you, thank you and thank you.” – Moorean Baker


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sweet sixteen logo lighting stars

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Logo / Monogram Designs

sweet sixteen monogram logo design for birthdays gobos for birthdays

Sweet sixteen monogram and logo designs.

We’re excited to showcase our latest sweet sixteen birthday logo’s and monogram designs. These designs are part of our stock library of custom designs that can be purchased and customized just for the design, or to be used in any of our gobo lighting rentals.

These designs are perfect for:

  • sweet sixteen birthday parties
  • quinceañeras
  • birthday parties
  • seasonal parties

sweet sixteen logo lighting stars

Pricing for customized designs are $39.00 and can be ordered using the form on the right side of the page.

Pricing for gobo light rentals to shine the design at a party or event can be found here at our gobo light rental pricing. 


These lights are easy to setup and the designs are customized for each party! Get your design today!



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wireless uplight rental and stars for the 4th of july

4th of July Party Rental Lighting

wireless uplight rental and stars for the 4th of julyThe best way to celebrate the 4th of July is with our rental lighting.

Wireless uplights are the perfect way to show off your red white and blue anywhere that you can place a light. These are perfect for lighting up:

  • Rooms
  • Bars
  • Boats
  • Houses
  • Pool Parties
  • Driveways

Create fun flag effects on your house or light up all the trees in your yard with red, white and blue color. Because they are wireless there is no power outlets or cables required. Set and forget.

Texture lighting is a great way to add stars and stripes on whatever surface you aim the lights at. We have American Flag Gobos as well as stars, fireworks and fun messages that are the perfect match for our texture lighting rentals.

For this 4th of July light up your party in style providing lighting for your guests. Transform your party into the ultimate 4th of July celebration with our rental lighting.

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custom gobo design and production

What is a Gobo? What types of Gobos are there?

custom gobo design and productionA gobo is a template that light shines through to project an image onto a surface. The term “gobo” is an acronym that stands for “GOes Before Optics.”

Gobos are used in specialty lights that are designed to shine through the gobo template and project the design from the template onto a surface. Gobos cannot be used with traditional household lighting or standard par can lighting because they don’t have the lenses to shape the light or focus the light after the light hits the template. (see: gobos for uplights)

Gobo lighting is also referred to as logo lighting, monogram lighting, name-in-lights, wedding lighting, or texture lighting.

Standard Gobo Sizes

Gobos come in a variety of sizes (diameters) based on the lights used to project them. All gobo projectors state the exact size gobo or range of gobo sizes they can accommodate.

Gobo lights were originally used for theater and TV to create visually interesting backdrops that could be changed quickly depending on the production. The most common gobo size used by these industries is a “B-Size” gobo.

Many of our corporate clients have gobos that were created for their organization or trade shows but don’t know what the size is. 9 times out of 10 they are “B-Size” (or less commonly “M-Size”) gobos that fit larger, heavier, hotter, sensitive, not DIY friendly theatrical lights used by professional lighting companies.

Our DIY friendly lights use “D-Size” and “E-Size” gobos that are the perfect fit for our compact, lightweight, bright, sharp, easy to setup LED gobo projectors.

Gobo sizes smaller than E-size (<37.5mm diameter) are only recommended for blocky, non-detailed designs like simple shapes and block letters. The small gobo size doesn’t have enough surface area to support intricate script fonts or detailed designs or images.


  • 86mm – B-Size (Source 4 Ellipsoidal, Altman Shakespeare) (A little larger than the diameter of a Coke can)
  • 66mm – M-Size (Source 4 Jr.)
  • 53mm – D-Size (LED Gobo Lighting)
  • 37.5mm – E-Size (LED Gobo Lighting)
  • 28.6mm – (Chauvet Zoom, American DJ Gobo Projector) (Slightly larger than a US Quarter)

Bottom Line on Gobo Sizes

  • Make sure the gobo size you have or are ordering fits the projector you’ll be using
  • Size does not equal quality, sharpness, or brightness, those are dependent on the light fixture
  • Smaller size gobos (<32mm diameter) physically can’t support high levels of detail in the resulting projection regardless of light used

Gobo Materials

Gobos are made with a variety of gobo materials. The most popular materials used are transparency (plastic), steel, or glass.


Transparency Gobo *Most Popular*

Transparency gobos or plastic gobo discs are used in our latest cutting edge technology LED gobo projector lights. Transparency gobo media allow for the same quality as our glass gobos, extremely quick turnaround times (same day), at the lowest price possible.

Using a special proprietary high temperature plastic film, images are printed directly onto a plastic disc using a special high resolution printer. This results in extremely clear images, clear lines, and long gobo life tested to over 200hrs+.

Most of our clients choose transparency  for their gobos and it’s a fantastic option that gives them the quality of glass at a 1/10th of the price.

  • Negatives are can’t be used in traditional halogen light fixtures
  • Pros are low cost, high image fidelity, fast turnaround

color-transparency-gobo-examplesColor Transparency Gobo *Most Popular for Corporate Clients*

We can create vivid 1 and 2 color transparency gobos. This allows for the traditional white with specialized colors for aspects of a logo design.

Color transparency is perfect for many of our corporate clients with logos with one or two colors in them. For a fraction of the price of color glass gobos we can offer rich, vibrant color in your logo projections. Maintain brand consistency and brand integrity with our color transparency gobos.

  • Negatives are limited life of the gobo. Can’t be used in traditional halogen fixtures.
  • Pros are low cost, high image quality

Steel Gobo

Steel gobo’s literally have a design cut into a piece of metal. Cut out portions of the steel gobo template allow light to project through. Steel gobos quickly limit the quality and integrity of many designs. Letters like (A,O,R,P,Q,B,4,6,8,9) need to include a connecting piece of metal or numerous pieces of connecting metal to form the letters correctly.

steel gobo example vs glass gobo exampleMost other companies provide these type of gobos because they are generally the cheapest available option for traditional halogen or HID lamp based fixtures. These companies generally do not have a designer on staff and use generic patterns or standard factory designs for their clients. This results in images that don’t hold the integrity of the original design.
Steel gobos are the most durable of all gobo templates and are most appropriate for theatrical applications and where the template will be used over and over again in extreme conditions.The graphic to the right shows the exact same design, one for glass and one in metal. Note how in the metal design the month and date is hard to read because of the metal required to hold the design in place.

  • Negatives are lack of detail and limitations of the design.
  • Pros are they are the most durable and generally are lower priced than glass gobos.

monogram wedding reception lighting mount ida farmGlass – Black and White

Glass gobos offer the ability to project complex and intricate designs extremely clearly. Glass gobos feature the design physically printed on a piece of high temperature glass using a high temperature silver mirror finish. This allows for clean, elegant designs and for a much more polished finished projection.

Glass gobo’s are the most expensive. There are only a few companies in the world who produce these types of gobos. Our glass gobo’s are created by an Italian company who are known for their exceptionally clear and durable high temperature glass gobo templates.

Glass gobos are appropriate for many corporate applications where the template will be used and re-used over and over again for multiple events. Glass gobos are more durable than transparency gobos.

Care must be taking in maintaining the mirror finish of these gobos and to avoid chipping the gobo template themselves. In order to achieve their high heat resistance and clarity the borrosilicate glass used tends to chip more than regular household glass.

  • Negatives are cost and durability.
  • Pros are high image fidelity and quality.

Glass – Grayscale

Grayscale glass gobos offer the ability to print varying shades of light transmission on the glass. This allows for extremely fine detail, moreso than black and white glass gobos and allows for complex images with shading. When used in conjunction with a color gel grayscale glass gobos allow a lot of flexibility with the final design.


Designs that feature multiple layers to the design on top of one another achieve a 3-D type of effect and are most always glass grayscale gobos. These types of gobos require an even more specialized printing technique and are slightly more expensive than glass black and white gobos.

  • Negatives are are cost and durability of glass.
  • Pros are high image quality and fidelity

Glass – Color

Depending on the detail of a design, there are a few options with color glass gobos. Generally there are 1-color, 2-color, 3-color, and full color options. These gobos feature the color printed directly onto the glass. Each color has to be printed separately using a special template for each color. This process makes color glass gobos the most expensive option.

2 color custom glass gobo example

Full color glass gobos are printed onto the glass all at once and allow for the projection of full color photos and very detailed images where color and color accuracy is most important.

  • Negatives are high cost ($300-$600 per template) and longer lead and production times.
  • Pros are good color accuracy, high fidelity
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