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peacock inspired wedding lighting

Peacock Inspired Wedding Lighting at The Woodlands

peacock inspired wedding lighting

Peacock inspired wedding lighting tied all the decor elements together for this wedding.

This wedding at The Woodlands at Algonkian Park in Cascades, Virginia shows our wireless uplights and monogram lighting combined to pull together all the decor elements for this peacock inspired wedding.

By setting the lights to two different controllers they were able to pull the teal and the blue elements from the wedding colors and paint on the walls with light. The monogram light does a great job of highlighting the beautiful stone wall in the room and personalizing it with the bride and grooms names.

Altogether the lighting helped transform the otherwise fairly plain reception space into a warm, elegant entertaining space worthy of a wedding reception.

Thanks to our friends at Bushnell Photography for the great photo!


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wedding monogram designs

New Wedding Monogram Designs

wedding monogram designs

Monogram wedding designs. Personalize your own monogram design today for your wedding.

We’ve just updated our wedding monogram designs offered in our personalized library. You can personalize any of these designs for your wedding monogram light rental free of charge. Or if you would like to purchase just a personalized design we can do that for you as well.

We’ve added new:

  • Damask monograms
  • Three letter initial monogram designs
  • Diamonds and pearls monogram
  • Snowflake monograms
  • Circle monogram designs
  • Classic monogram designs

Over 14 new designs!

Check out the new designs and reserve your wedding monogram light rental today!


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fairmont hotel amber and purple uplighting with monogram light

Fairmont Hotel DC – Wedding Lighting – Amber, Purple, Monogram

fairmont hotel amber and purple uplighting with monogram lightThis was from a wedding at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington DC. It’s a beautiful venue in the heart of Washington DC that lends itself to lighting.

Power outlets can be hard to come by to light up all the columns. Instead of running power cables all over the room we wanted to to keep the elegance and beauty of the room so we used wireless battery powered uplights. These lights don’t need power cables, are small and unobtrusive.

The wedding monogram light fit perfectly in the square panel above the dancefloor that guests were able to see as they entered the room and that we were able to hide with the shrubs already present in the room.

Entertainment: Wedding DJs DC – Superlative Events
Event Planning: RSVP International Events
Venue: Fairmont Hotel – Washington, DC

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wedding-monogram-light-rental-lansdowne-va-clubhouse battery powered uplighting

October Wedding Monogram Light Rental

wedding-monogram-light-rental-lansdowne-va-clubhouse battery powered uplighting

This is a great example of our wedding monogram rental light combined with our battery powered uplighting rental. This photo was taken in the afternoon before it was dark outside opposite to a bank of windows on the other side of the room. The light and the battery powered amber uplighting held up well to the sunlight coming in from the windows on the other side of the room.

Venue: Lansdowne Resort Clubhouse – Lansdowne, VA
Entertainment: Superlative Events

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wedding monogram lighting the mill at fine creek richmond va

Wedding Monogram Design – Dani & Sean

wedding monogram lighting the mill at fine creek richmond va

Transparency wedding monogram gobo design and light rental with teal uplighting rental and water effect light.

The Mill at Fine Creek in Richmond, VA is a great venue to work in and does extremely well with wedding lighting.

For Dani and Sean’s wedding we came up with a concept that incorporates a take on the infinity symbol into the overall design re-inforcing the nuances and meaning of the marriage ceremony. It worked exceptionally well with the uplighting that was in the space.

We also used a blisslight rental on the ceiling to create the feeling of being at the beach or the water which was very important to them. We covered the laser projection and just used the water/nebula effect the light creates.

A strong focal point, pops of color with teal, and the moving water effect from the blisslight helped transform this venue and create a high impact focal point.

Date: June 2nd, 2012
Mill at Fine Creek – Richmond, VA

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Dancefloor Texture Lighting & Red Uplighting – Marriott Greenbelt, MD

marriott greenbelt maryland red uplighting monogram texture lighting ballroomThis photo is from a wedding at the Marriott Greenbelt in Greenbelt Maryland. This photo features red uplighting, two texture lights on the dancefloor and a grayscale glass monogram on the fabric behind the head table.

In this case we used a smaller degree gobo lens to make sure we could get the monogram to fit behind the head table.

The texture lights on the dancefloor worked well to bring together the patterns used in the wedding decor and repeat them on a larger scale on the dancefloor.

This type of lighting also doubles as dance lighting when guests are out on the dancefloor.


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Lauren and Brandon’s Wedding Monogram on the Dancefloor

dance_floor_monogram_lighting_rental_wedding_receptionBrandon and Lauren wanted a simple monogram that fit their personalities and fit in with the overall decor they had in place for their wedding.

We were so happy with the way that the monogram turned out on the dance floor. This particular venue had a darker than normal dance floor as it appears in the picture and the light did a great job of being able to project even in the daylight.

The gobo lights we use for rental use high intensity discharge (HID) lamps that offers some of the brightest and sharpest optics of any other gobo light. It’s about twice the brightness of lights that are 4 times the size and weight!

Thanks for Brandon and Lauren for sharing the photo and we wish them the best!

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