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cake spotlight package for a wedding

Wedding Cake Spotlights with Purple Uplights

cake spotlight package for a wedding

Cake spotlight package of 3 pin-spots illuminate the cake evenly. Purple uplighting in the background pulls the purple decor elements together.

This photo features a cake spotlight and purple uplight in the background. Our cake spotlight packages are a combination of 3 battery powered pin-spot lights that illuminate the cake from all sides. This ensures that the cake looks evenly lit and pops as a focal point at the event.

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peacock inspired wedding lighting

Peacock Inspired Wedding Lighting at The Woodlands

peacock inspired wedding lighting

Peacock inspired wedding lighting tied all the decor elements together for this wedding.

This wedding at The Woodlands at Algonkian Park in Cascades, Virginia shows our wireless uplights and monogram lighting combined to pull together all the decor elements for this peacock inspired wedding.

By setting the lights to two different controllers they were able to pull the teal and the blue elements from the wedding colors and paint on the walls with light. The monogram light does a great job of highlighting the beautiful stone wall in the room and personalizing it with the bride and grooms names.

Altogether the lighting helped transform the otherwise fairly plain reception space into a warm, elegant entertaining space worthy of a wedding reception.

Thanks to our friends at Bushnell Photography for the great photo!


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two toned wireless uplighting blue and amber

Two Color Uplighting, Amber and Blue with Cake Spotlight

wireless uplighting with blue and amber uplights

Blue and amber wireless uplights create a two toned uplighting effect with white under the table lighting with wireless uplights. A cake spotlight makes the cake pop.

Two color uplighting is a great way to create a high end look. In this example at the Gaithersburg Marriott in Maryland, they used our battery uplights to create a blue and amber color combination.

They also used 2 of the wireless uplights to create a nice under the table lighting effect for the sweetheart table. The photo also shows our rental cake spotlights that help make the cake pop at the reception.

The second photo shows a bigger view of the room where you can better see how the cake spotlight really makes the cake pop out and how the under the table lighting makes the sweetheart table pop on the stage.

two toned wireless uplighting blue and amber

Two toned wedding reception lighting with blue and amber uplighting with a custom designed monogram.

They used a screen and a projector to show a slideshow and used one of our monogram designs on the screen before and after the slideshow when it wasn’t playing the video.

So when you are looking to rent uplights in Maryland check out what we have to offer and see how much you’ll save.

Venue: Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center
Entertainment: Wedding DJ – Superlative Events

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Bride and groom dancing with their wedding monogram and uplighting behind them.

Wedding Lighting at Molan Lave Vineyard in Warrenton, VA

Bride and groom dancing with their wedding monogram and uplighting behind them.

Bride and groom dancing with their wedding monogram and uplighting behind them.

A high arched ceiling and simple walls are pretty plain for a wedding. Brighten the walls and the room and pull together your color by renting wireless uplighting and a rental monogram light.

A lot of venues like vineyards are amazing outdoors and offer a great cocktail hour experience but their reception spaces can be somewhat plain. Lighting is the lowest cost option to transform the space for your wedding and make it completely personalized.

Simple walls are enhanced with a monogram and a purple uplighting.

Simple walls are enhanced with a monogram and a purple uplighting.

Even with daylight in the room the uplights did a great job pulling together the bride and groom’s colors and creating the perfect ambiance for their wedding.

Venue: Molan Lave Vineyards  – Warrenton, VA
Entertainment: Wedding DJ & Ceremony – Superlative Events

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Evergreen Country Club Haymarket, VA Wedding Reception Lighting

Will Uplighting Work in a Room With Windows & Natural Light?

Light Blue Uplighting at Evergreen Country Club in Haymarket, Virginia

Uplighting works well even when there are windows letting light into the event space.

Q: The space we are using has a lot of windows, will uplighting look good even with all of the windows and the daylight coming in the room?

A: Uplighting works well even when there are windows and daylight in the space. Using uplighting with natural light can create some really elegant lighting effects.

When you are uplighting with natural light, think about the timeline for the event. Most events start with cocktails earlier where having a less saturated lighting look is an elegant touch. As the evening progresses through dinner the sun sets and less natural light is coming into the room, the effect of the uplighting is enhanced.

Evergreen Country Club Haymarket, VA Wedding Reception Lighting

The effect of uplighting naturally grows stronger as the evening progresses and as the natural daylight in the room fades.

When dinner is over it will naturally feel like the room has been slowly transformed with the natural light leaving the space and the uplighting taking over. This transitions really well for dancing and the rest of the evening.

Venue: Evergreen Country Club – Haymarket, VA

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Punches of color in a room. Multi-level spaces need more lights to cover both levels to make the room feel larger and bring your eye up in the space.

How Many Uplights Do I Need For My Event?

Thompson/Hamlin wedding April 7th, 2013 Atlanta, GA. NFL player Kenneth Hamlin. Featured on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta

Before and after uplighting. Always think of specific room features like columns that may need more lights.

It’s easy to determine how many uplights you need for your event using our online calculators. These formulas are specifically tailored for our wireless uplights to get the best effect possible.

You have three different ways to determine how many uplights you’ll need for your event.

  • Room Dimensions
  • Total Square Feet
  • Number of Guests

How many uplights you’ll need will generally be more accurate when based off of room dimensions than off your total guest count.

Many venues will provide you the exact dimensions of a space usually given in ft x ft. With this calculation we use the following method to determine how many uplights you’ll need. This is widely viewed as the most accurate way to estimate how many lights you’ll need.

Most venues provide you with the total square footage of the space(s) you’re renting. Based off the square footage you can get fairly accurate approximation of how many uplights you’ll need using the following formula. This method does not account for specific room features you might want to highlight like columns, alcoves, stages, or other architectural elements you might need to highlight with additional lights.

Generally this is the least accurate of all the ways to estimate uplighting. It doesn’t take into account specific room features that may impact the overall lighting effect.

Example of how many uplights you'll need in a room.

Example of how many uplights you’ll need in a room using the formulas on this page.

How many uplights? Look at the big picture. 

There are differences in each way of determining the number of lights needed for a space. Every space is unique and ultimately we can help you figure out exactly what you need.

Think about the space you’ll be in. Look for photos of the space online or take photos on your visits to the space.

  • Are there columns in the room?
  • Are there alcoves or other abnormalities that might need more lights to make the room feel balanced?
  • Are there multiple levels to the space?
  • Are there stage areas or bumpouts in the room that would need more lighting?
  • Do you want lighting for an exit, under table lighting, or other focal areas you want uplighting?
  • Are there multiple rooms you need to light?
  • Can you move or reuse lights between spaces?

When uplighting columns generally you’ll need one uplight for smaller columns (columns you can hug) or columns up against a wall. You’ll need 2-4 lights for columns you can half hug or for larger columns you’ll need 4 or more uplights. This is because columns are round and multiple sides are exposed to guests. To get an even look around the column you might need to have lights on either side of a column or all around the entire column.

Medium washes of color in a space.

Medium washes of color in a space.

Bottom Line

Using the methods above you should be able to get a good idea of how many uplights you’ll need for your event and the approximate cost of uplighting. Contact us using the form on the right to get in touch about specifics of your space and what types of uplighting might be a good fit for your event.

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lighting at whitehall manor cake spotlight renal uplighting and texture lighting

Virginia Tech Wedding – Whitehall Manor Wedding Lighting

lighting at whitehall manor cake spotlight renal uplighting and texture lighting

Cake spotlight, texture lighting and uplighting at Whitehall Manor for a Virginia Tech inspired wedding.

Lighting is the difference between your wedding being forgotten or your wedding being unforgettable. We make it easy and affordable for anyone to create an unforgettable wedding.

This wedding features Monica and Ray, a couple who met and had a love for Virginia Tech. Their cake featured two Hokie Birds dressed up for the wedding as a cake topper and a beautifully elegant tree and maroon and orange leaf motif climbing the tiers of the cake. Without a cake spotlight the cake would have been in the dark, the Hokie birds would have been missed, and the elegant design would have been forgotten. Smartly they had a cake spotlight on the cake to illuminate the details that they had put so much thought into.

A scroll texture pattern light was used in conjunction with the organic elements that they used throughout the rest of the wedding decor. Amber was an elegant choice that matched the existing lighting temperature of the fixtures in the space and warmed up the beautiful  historic features of the venue. Wireless uplights are a perfect match for historic venues like Whitehall where power isn’t necessarily where you want to place lights.

Together the elements worked together to create the perfect inspired elegant and romantic atmosphere that highlighted the important details in their decor for their wedding making it unforgettable. Go Hokies!

Venue: Whitehall Manor
Lighting: Superlative Events


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