Cake Spotlight Rental

A cake spotlight is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to illuminate one of the biggest focal points of your wedding reception.

wireless cake spotlight package before and after whitehall manor

Wireless cake spotlight package before and after.

The average cost of a wedding cake is $560!!!

Don’t banish your most expensive decor item to the darkest corner of your reception space, let it shine!

Your completely wireless cake spotlight package illuminates your cake for all your guests to enjoy. Your cake spotlight is actually a mix of three separate lights so the cake looks amazing from every angle, in any venue.

What’s Included? Everything!

Each of our wireless cake spotlight packages feature:

  • Compact size
  • Light weight
  • Bendable legs with magnetic feet
  • Up to 40+ hour battery life
  • Completely dimmable
  • Tightly focused beam
cake pin-spot lights wireless battery powered

Cake spotlight used with votive candles create a magical look at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, DC.

Each compact cake spotlight weighs just under one pound and are easily mounted almost anywhere there is metal or something to bend around. You can place them on:

  • metal door frames
  • reinforced steel room corners (every corner in a room has one)
  • ceiling tile (drop-ceilings)
  • wall fixtures
  • overhead light fixtures
  • room dividers
  • airwalls
  • airwall track
  • spotlight track
  • molding
  • columns
  • steel beams
  • tray ceilings
  • chandeliers
  • in ceiling speaker grille covers
  • speakers and speaker stands
  • fire alarm boxes
  • anywhere else you can imagine!

Guests always wonder where the light is coming from and have a hard time finding the small compact lighting spotlights.

Is it Easy? Yes!

Wireless cake spotlights are incredibly easy to use. We have a lighting guide and video to help you get the best look based on all the different venues you might encounter. We haven’t met a venue that didn’t have a place to mount these lights to illuminate the cake.

The tightly focused light of the spotlights can shoot over 60ft across a ballroom with no problem!

Amazing Results, Small Price!

Get the most amazing look for a fraction the cost of having it done by your wedding venue. Many wedding venues charge over $150 PLUS labor to setup a similar look!

You can get our cake spotlight package at a fraction of the price.

Check out our latest deals on our cake spotlight pricing.


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