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wedding monogram designs

New Wedding Monogram Designs

wedding monogram designs

Monogram wedding designs. Personalize your own monogram design today for your wedding.

We’ve just updated our wedding monogram designs offered in our personalized library. You can personalize any of these designs for your wedding monogram light rental free of charge. Or if you would like to purchase just a personalized design we can do that for you as well.

We’ve added new:

  • Damask monograms
  • Three letter initial monogram designs
  • Diamonds and pearls monogram
  • Snowflake monograms
  • Circle monogram designs
  • Classic monogram designs

Over 14 new designs!

Check out the new designs and reserve your wedding monogram light rental today!


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Lovebird Brewery Wedding Monogram – Whitehall Manor – Bluemont, Virginia

monogram design rental gobo light projection lovebird brewery whitehall manor bluemont vaThis is a great example of a monogram light being used in conjunction with our rental uplighting. This example shows our rental monogram light shooting across the room 45ft to project the logo above the bar with a battery powered uplight set to the color yellow just to the left of the bar in the corner.

The groom had a passion for brewing beer and brewed over 30 gallons of homebrew beer for their wedding guests 5 gallons at a time. They had a friend design the logo for them and we took the logo and created the logo and rented the lights for their event.


The bride and groom also gave away custom beer glasses as their wedding favors for guests that featured the logo as well. Repetition of a logo or design is a key event design concept that is a great way to brand or create a more cohesive look and feel for an event giving it a more refined and elegant look.

The gray and the yellow work really well together creating a sophisticated modern look.

Whitehall Manor – Bluemont, VA

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Des & Ty’s Wedding Monogram – East Texas Conference Center

Des & Ty's Wedding Lighting - East Texas Conference CenterDes & Ty were looking for a custom monogram that would fit the overall feel for their wedding. They took one of our custom wedding monogram designs and modified it with a different font and style that would be a better fit for their wedding.

We knew that they wanted to project their logo on one of the walls of the East Texas Conference Center so going off photos of the venue we were able to help get a great projection location to make setup easy and painless on their wedding day.

I found GoboProjectorRentals.com online, looking for someone who could help me with designing a Gobo for a wedding reception. I contacted them online and got a quick response. Not only was the response quick, but they were very professional, cost efficient, flexible in making sure you got what you were looking for and most of all, had great service. This was a great experience for me. I would definitely use this company again! – Sharon (Planner)

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Snowflake Gobo Design

snowflake gobo design custom for winter events

We custom designed this snowflake gobo to go with one of our clients custom wedding monogram design. Part of the snowflake design is incorporated into the wedding monogram so that the monogram can be projected on the wall and the snowflakes can be projected on the ground.

It’s great to use this pattern with the rotate feature of our gobo projector lights. This creates a dynamic rotating snow that looks great when combined in multiples. Great for the getting that wow factor when entering into an event.

This design is available for your event either as just a gobo template or as part of a light rental.

The perfect design for winter!


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W Hotel Wedding Monogram Gobo Light

W Hotel Washington DC | Wedding Gobo Lighting

W Hotel Wedding Monogram Gobo LightThis is a great example of a glass black and white gobo. We used a combination of a damask pattern that matched their wedding decor and the decor of the W Hotel in Washington DC that turned out fantastic for their monogram. In this picture you can see it projected on a wall just outside of the main ballroom that helped brand the entire upper space of the W Hotel for their wedding.

This photo also shows a great example how our battery powered wireless LED uplighting rental can work really well with our gobo rental. Perfect for adding some extra pop and color to any wedding.


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Whitehall Manor Mandy & Dan’s Grayscale Glass Gobo- Wedding Monogram Example with Teal Uplighting

wedding gobo, monogram design, grayscale

Grayscale Wedding Monogram Gobo June 18th 2011 at Whitehall Manor, Virginia

Mandy and Dan had a beautiful wedding at Whitehall Manor in Bluemont Virginia. We came  up with this beautiful wedding monogram design for their wedding that was displayed on the dancefloor.

The dancefloor area in this particular venue makes it hard to project the light directly onto the floor at the ideal angle. However with our knowledge of the venue, were able to suggest placing it in a way to keep the design and also place it in the best location possible and it turned out fantastic!

Our gobo design and light rentals are so easy to setup and we take all the worry and hassle out of projecting a design and gobo. Our easy to follow instructions included with every rental show a photo step by step example of how to setup the lights so that anyone can do it.

Congratulations to Mandy and Dan and best of luck to them both, the gobo design turned out terrific and looked fantastic on the dancefloor with the teal lighting in the background.

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Wedding Monogram Light – Meadowlark Botanical Gardens – Vienna, VA

wedding_monogram_light_gobo_ceiling_projection_elegantAllison and Michael had a beautiful wedding at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. It’s a beautiful space to begin with, but adding a custom wedding monogram really ups the elegance factor. Imagine a beautiful park, imagine a stream running through that park, now imagine building on top of that park with a structure that uses as many windows as possible seamlessly blending indoors and outdoors. That’s what you have with Meadowlark, a one of a kind wedding venue in the DC area.

It’s the perfect place to have a wedding!

At night time adding a monogram helps add in a strong focal element that helps brand the space and also adds ambient light in the space. Even with all the natural sunlight that streams into the venue, the light is still visible during the daytime.

The projection angle for a monogram light is perfect and is really easy to work the unobtrusive design and look of the rental gobo projector into the beautiful environment of Meadowlark. The perfect gobo light for enhancing an already gorgeous venue.

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