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corporate gobo lighting for event sponsors

Pierre Garçon’s White Party Fundraiser – Washington, DC

pierre garcon, washington redskins, white party

Lights were used to project the corporate sponsors for a fundraiser held on a Washington, DC rooftop. Sponsors included Paisano’s pizza, Spinfire, Burger7 and Tedd & The Bully Bar.

This summer our rental gobo lighting was featured at the 2nd annual All White Charity Event for the Boy’s and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington DC hosted by Washington Redskin Pierre Garçon. This year the event was held on the rooftop of the Millennium Building.

Our corporate logo lights were used to showcase some of the food sponsors for the event. Even at twilight the logos were visible to the attendees for a very packed rooftop.

Using rental gobo lighting is a great way to showcase event sponsors in a dynamic and eye catching way that traditional printed signs won’t do.

Corporate clients can offer this type of high visibility signage at a fraction of the cost of having a lighting company come in and do it for them by going directly to the source.

corporate gobo lighting for event sponsors

Using two logos per gobo made it possible to keep the costs for the gobo rental lights low while still achieving the same high visibility look the event required.

The lights that we use are custom made to project the most clear image possible making it the perfect choice where brand identity and high level brand standards need to be met.

For this event we were able to combine two logos per gobo to cut down on cost and increase the amount of money this non-profit event was able to raise.

Event Sponsors: 

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Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.43.42 AM

Epic Yoga – Washington, DC – Non-Profit Lighting

logo lighting and purple uplighting epic yoga washington dc

We recently rented out lighting to a great non-profit called The Journey. They are raising money to find a cure and prevent Leukemia.

They needed a lighting solution to light the great space they were in that featured brick walls, hardwood floors, tall ceilings and narrow rooms.  Budget was a consideration so rental lighting was a great fit.

They used our rental uplighting, logo lighting, and a spotlight for the band to light their event. teal blue uplighting with logo lighting epic yoga

Entertainment was provided by a number of local bands and artists most notably No Big Deal out of Arlington, VA.

Venue: Epic Yoga







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corporate logo light rental and battery uplighting rental

Corporate Gobo Logo Light Rental and Battery Uplighting Rental

corporate logo light rental and battery uplighting rental

This is a great example of our battery powered uplighting used in conjunction with our corporate logo light rental. For this holiday party we had the perfect backdrop for when guests entered into the space with the company logo on a large moveable wall that we transformed into the perfect branded backdrop. The battery powered uplighting was great for flanking the corporate logo with the other company’s color red in an area where there were no power outlets.

The corporate logo light rental and the wireless battery powered uplighting rental is the perfect way to create a high impact look for a low cost at an company party or event.

Venue: Viniferra – Reston, VA
Superlative Events
Photography: Travis Curry Photography

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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum | Corporate Logo Gobo

We did this gobo and gobo projector rental for a promo event for Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum. For reference this photo is taken in our warehouse on a concrete floor in the daylight.

We are flexible with rentals for our corporate clients and understand that they may need the light for extended periods of time, may need multiple rentals, or need a quick turnaround.

We were able to turn this light around in 24 hours with in hand to the client in 3 days. Our ability to produce everything in house gives us the industry’s fastest turnaround times.


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Corporate Logo Gobo Light – Sirens Media

80s_theme_party_corporate_logo_light_design_black_and_white_goboSirens Media is the production company that brings us “The Real Housewives of New Jersey ” We’ve had the opportunity to work with them in the past for lighting their yearly company party.

They hold the event in a large gym so we needed a strong focal point element to bring everthing together. Their logo is a cool blue design with waves in it that we needed to transfer over to a grayscale format so that we could show it at the event.

Working with their logo we took the overall design and transferred it over to a format that fit the gobo template really well and projected it across the gym. The distance was over 100 feet that we had to display it and it turned out really well.

Using various size lenses we are able to change the size of the projection depending on the distance we are projecting the gobo image. By knowing how and where our the light will be projecting we can send the correct configuration to our clients for use at their event.

Corporate logos look great when they are made into a logo light and serve as excellent ways to sell sponsorship space at events.

Company: Sirens Media

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