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frozen themed party princess snowflakes blue stars

Frozen Themed Party Gobo Light

frozen themed party princess snowflakes blue stars

Frozen themed party gobo light with blisslight behind it.

The movie Frozen is a great place to pull inspiration for some pretty amazing party lighting ideas.

We combined a blisslight 15 rental  with a gobo light to create this magical Frozen inspired design and lighting concept for Emilia’s 5th birthday.

Using the blisslight behind the gobo light and design adds a unique moving element that enhances the Frozen feel by having a slow moving blue pattern and stars behind it.

We also recommend using blue battery powered uplights to help accentuate the frozen feeling as well in the room.

Get this look today and create your own Frozen party! Check availability for your party.

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halloween hanging ghost floating effect

Rent a Blacklight for Halloween

halloween black light rental tombstone glow sticks

Renting a blacklight for your halloween party is the perfect way to decorate and add punch and pop for the perfect spooky glow.

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to get your blacklight rental in today!

Renting blacklights is by far the most cost effective way to light your halloween party. Our high power blacklights use the latest LED COB blacklight technology to make sure your party will glow. With over 100w in blacklight power, they are the most powerful rental LED blacklights on the market today and are twice as bright as any other rental you can get today. We offer the lowest price per watt of blacklight power anywhere.

halloween hanging ghost floating effect

Create eerie floating halloween ghosts by using blacklights with white ghosts hanging by clear fishing line.

Blacklights are perfect for illuminating:

  • fluorescent paints
  • uv reactive halloween decor
  • highlighter bottles
  • tide detergent
  • ghosts
  • scream masks
  • glow necklaces and glow sticks

Creating the perfect halloween ambiance starts with our rental blacklights.

To create the ultimate halloween effects check our our wireless uplights and our blisslight rentals to create the ultimate starry sky effect. Our of our rental lighting effects work perfectly together to create the perfect halloween backdrop for your halloween party.

Blacklight Rental Pricing

Check out our blacklight rental pricing, the more you rent the more you save!

Check Availability and Book Now
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Corporate Logo Gobo Light – Sirens Media

80s_theme_party_corporate_logo_light_design_black_and_white_goboSirens Media is the production company that brings us “The Real Housewives of New Jersey ” We’ve had the opportunity to work with them in the past for lighting their yearly company party.

They hold the event in a large gym so we needed a strong focal point element to bring everthing together. Their logo is a cool blue design with waves in it that we needed to transfer over to a grayscale format so that we could show it at the event.

Working with their logo we took the overall design and transferred it over to a format that fit the gobo template really well and projected it across the gym. The distance was over 100 feet that we had to display it and it turned out really well.

Using various size lenses we are able to change the size of the projection depending on the distance we are projecting the gobo image. By knowing how and where our the light will be projecting we can send the correct configuration to our clients for use at their event.

Corporate logos look great when they are made into a logo light and serve as excellent ways to sell sponsorship space at events.

Company: Sirens Media

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