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st. patricks day gobos stock templates

St. Patrick’s Day Gobos – Shamrocks, Leprechauns, Gold & Rainbows

st. patricks day gobos stock templates

St. Patricks day gobos that can be used as texture lighting to add Irish flair to your event.

St. Patrick’s Day is an international holiday celebrated by Irish and Irish-for-a-day around the world. Whether your party is in a bar, pub, hotel, conference center, house, or outside, using gobo lighting can be an easy and really cost-effective way to decorate.

Our collection of St. Patrick’s Day gobos are perfect for getting the feel of the Emerald Isle at your event. These are great to use with any of our texture lighting rentals. We can also create them for use in any LED projector that will take a transparency gobo.

Add a little luck of the Irish to your party with our St. Patrick’s Day gobos!

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gobo projection on black pipe and drape

Will a Gobo Projection Show Up on Black Pipe & Drape?

gobo projection on black pipe and drape

Gobo projection on black pipe and drape from 8ft away.

Many of our clients want to project their logos on to black or white pipe and drape and wonder if it will look good. Yes! The results can look great!

The gobo projector is bright, crisp, and clear enabling it to look great on any surface. Corporate clients like our gobo lights because they are easy to transport and come with accessories offering a simple flexible setup for any space. You typically don’t see your booth space until you get to the tradeshow and the last thing you need to worry about is if your logo will show up correctly.

In this example we wanted to show the gobo light setup projecting in a real world situation. We used one of our client’s logos for the projection right before the light shipped out to their event.

Notice the terrible overhead fluorescent lighting, cramped space and thin black tradeshow banjo fabric. We projected from a distance of around 8ft away from the fabric (what you might typically have in a small booth space) using a narrow 15 degree lens. The resulting image was about 2.5ft across and looked really bright on the black fabric. You can control the size of the image using the included lenses in the light kit so if you need a bigger or smaller image you can change it quickly and easily.

In small tradeshow booths you can also project on the ceiling or the floor in front of your booth space to increase the size and visibility of your booth. Each light features a slow rotation option if you wanted to add a dynamic moving component to your logo.

Whether your fabric or surface you are projecting on is black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, magenta or plaid, your image will look bright, crisp and clear.

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stars shining on an air wall

Denim & Diamonds Party Lighting – Howard University Blackburn Center

western gobo light denim and diamonds party blackburn center DC

Custom Denim and Diamonds Gobo with blue and white uplighting at Howard University’s Blackburn Center

This features event lighting from Moorean’s birthday party at Howard University at the Blackburn Center. We’ve done events at the Blackburn Center before and knew that the room had tall ceilings, terrible room lighting with no control, and a massive air wall that most of our clients hatewith a passion!

Moorean had a Denim and Diamonds theme to the party and incorporated a western type of feel throughout their decor elements including a live gold cowboy statue, denim and western attire, and western themed drinks and food.

Howard University Blackburn Center Airwall with Gobo lighting of stars and a saloon sign

We transformed the air wall with gobo lighting of a starry night sky and a custom saloon sign above the 16ft bar.

To fix the issues with the space we set them up with our wireless uplighting and used two colors, white and blue to bring light into the space so we could turn off the overhead lights. This bathed the room in a blue and white light that was much better than the florescent-terrible-undimmable overhead lighting. They were going to have a cake so our cake spotlight package was an easy option to really showcase the cake.

before photo of event lighting

Before photos of Howard University’s Blackburn Center, terrible overhead lights are not good for parties.

The massive air wall is always a problem in this room. They have such a cool effect with the large exposed brick walls inside and then ruin it with a massive 70’sesque air wall. We transformed the air wall into a sign above the bar with a western starry sky feel and a custom designed MoMo’s Saloon sign. This created a focal point around the 16ft bar in the room and let people know exactly where the drinks were. Every western town has a bar and needs a bar/saloon. These lights transformed the air wall into the starry sky with a personalized saloon sign. We also created a denim jean pocket encrusted with diamond rivets to personalize the space for Moorean’s Denim & Diamonds party. Our gobo lights are perfect for customizing and personalizing any large event space.

Before event lighting photo blackburn center

Before photo of the Blackburn Center

The overall effect really transformed the room and you can tell by the before and afters that it really made a huge difference in the space.

With our rental lights it’s easy to get the effect you want for a fraction of the price of hiring an outside company to do it. Check out our event lighting rental pricing to see how much you can save today!

Venue: Howard University Blackburn Center
Lighting: Superlative Events

We are so grateful to work with awesome people like Moorean, here’s what she had to say about the event.

“You transformed that dingy, dinky place into a gorgeous western scene.  I told your brother that you guys were just “showing off”!  Seriously,  I am more than pleased with everything.  A worker there told me that he has worked there for 34 years and that room had never, ever been transformed to that magnitude.!  That partition “popped”! The gobos were awesome! The uplighting was eloquent and breathtaking. Again, what can I say, but thank you, thank you and thank you.” – Moorean Baker


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gobo sign for restroom octoberfest

Octoberfest Gobo Designs

large stag deer gobo design for octoberfest

These are some gobo designs courtesy of our friends with graphic design studio Polygraph Creative.

They hosted an Octoberfest event and developed these custom designs.

The large gobo of a stag deer advertises “Bier und Essen” or Beer and Food and they posted it above where they had custom made beers and sausages from DC’s Eastern Market.

The other sign was projected at the end of a hallway in a German style that you might find in Bavaria. This sign was of a traditional German drinking toast and also showed people where the photobooth and the bathroom were located.

Using projections instead of signs helped add ambient light to the space, made the signs stand out and jump out more, and was a great way to showcase some of their design skills at the event.

gobo sign for restroom octoberfest

We can help you with creating custom gobos and projections for your Octoberfest. Check our availability and let us know what kind of designs you might need.

Common Octoberfest gobos we can create quickly are of beer glasses, steins, signage indicating directions for people to go or things to see while they are in the space. We can also create custom German beer signs and product images for events.


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metal, glass, plastic gobos and types of gobos

Can I Use a Plastic Gobo or Transparency Gobo?

metal, glass, plastic gobos and types of gobos

Types of gobos used for events.

Can I Use a Plastic Gobo or Transparency Gobo?

Plastic or transparency gobos can be a cost effective way to display a gobo at your event. They have the quality of glass at a price lower than steel. Whether or not you can use them depends on the light fixture being used.

Plastic gobos or transparency gobos can be used in lights that are designed to handle this media type. If you aren’t sure the exact light fixture or if it , generally:

  • LED based gobo projectors can use plastic or transparency gobos
  • Gobo sizes of E, D or smaller might indicate they can be used

If you are working with any of these sized gobos or styles of lights, you most likely can’t use plastic or transparency gobos:

  • A-size gobos
  • B-size gobos
  • M-size gobos
  • Source 4, Source 4 Jr., Altman Style Lights
  • Leko lights
  • Moving head (intelligent lights) that aren’t LED based


The best way to determine if you can or can’t use plastic or transparency gobos is to know the light fixture and model that will be used to display the gobo. Indicated what fixture will be used when you contact us and we can set you up with the right type.

All light fixtures can display steel or glass. Not all light fixtures can display plastic or transparency.

More information on types of gobos.

Purchase gobos online.


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wedding monogram designs

New Wedding Monogram Designs

wedding monogram designs

Monogram wedding designs. Personalize your own monogram design today for your wedding.

We’ve just updated our wedding monogram designs offered in our personalized library. You can personalize any of these designs for your wedding monogram light rental free of charge. Or if you would like to purchase just a personalized design we can do that for you as well.

We’ve added new:

  • Damask monograms
  • Three letter initial monogram designs
  • Diamonds and pearls monogram
  • Snowflake monograms
  • Circle monogram designs
  • Classic monogram designs

Over 14 new designs!

Check out the new designs and reserve your wedding monogram light rental today!


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corporate logo light rental and battery uplighting rental

Corporate Gobo Logo Light Rental and Battery Uplighting Rental

corporate logo light rental and battery uplighting rental

This is a great example of our battery powered uplighting used in conjunction with our corporate logo light rental. For this holiday party we had the perfect backdrop for when guests entered into the space with the company logo on a large moveable wall that we transformed into the perfect branded backdrop. The battery powered uplighting was great for flanking the corporate logo with the other company’s color red in an area where there were no power outlets.

The corporate logo light rental and the wireless battery powered uplighting rental is the perfect way to create a high impact look for a low cost at an company party or event.

Venue: Viniferra – Reston, VA
Superlative Events
Photography: Travis Curry Photography

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