Starry Sky Gobo Texture Lighting

Stars projected on the ceiling with gobo lightingGobos are a great way to create a starry sky type of an effect at an event. We have a number of star pattern templates including large stars, stars with moons, small stars, or pin-points of stars.

Moving Stars

All of our gobo lights have a slow rotation feature that will allow the stars to slowly move at the touch of a button. This can be a great feature to create a more dynamic star effect.

You can create a more 3-D larger effect by using a prism lens on the light. The prism lens triples the number of stars that are projected by the light and are perfect for filling a ceiling with a blanket of stars. When using a prism and the rotation feature together you get a really dynamic, large coverage type of an effect.


These lights work best in pairs so we have special pricing worked out for our stock star templates. Pricing for starry sky gobo texture lights are located on our rental lighting price page.

stars shining on an air wall

Gobos are the best at projecting clearly defined stars. When you want to project more pin-points of light that slowly move you might want to rent a Blisslight. Blisslights create a more slowly moving blanket of thousands of tiny laser generated stars wherever you aim the light.

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    […] Gobo lights were traditionally used in theatrical productions and concerts. A template called a gobo is loaded into a special light that will shine that pattern wherever you aim it. You can use a star gobo template and project all kinds of different stars on the ceiling of your party. You can create a dynamic effect when you have a gobo light with a rotation feature where the stars will slowly move. Combine this with a prism and you have a 3-D starry effect on the ceiling. Here you can rent star patterned gobo lighting.  […]

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