Can I Use a Gobo on an Uplight?

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Gobos will not work with an uplight

Do you have/rent/sell gobos for uplights?

Answer: A gobo will not work with a standard uplight. We do rent gobos and we do rent uplights but gobos won’t fit uplights, here’s why.

Gobo Projectors vs. Uplights

A gobo projector has a space to hold a gobo and a series of lenses that focus the light beam projected through the gobo to focus the projection on a surface. An uplight lacks the optical lens system to focus the light on to a surface.

Gobos are small and generally do not exceed 100mm in diameter. Most uplights are a much larger diameter than that and a gobo wouldn’t fit over an uplight. Learn about gobos and gobo materials.

Don’t believe us that an uplight won’t work with a gobo?  Try this experiment using materials you have at home.

  1. Grab a flashlight
  2. Cut out a star pattern out of a piece of paper with an exacto knife
  3. Overlay the star pattern paper over the flashlight and aim at a surface
  4. You have a blurry mess projected on whatever you are aiming at


A gobo won’t fit on an uplight, but it will fit in a gobo light. We are more than happy to help you with renting uplighting or renting gobo lighting.

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