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starry sky blue BL 50

Rent the BlissLight 50 Blue

starry sky blue BL 50

Create a universe of stars with the Blisslight 50 blue.

We’re excited to add the BlissLight 50 blue to our inventory of the easiest DIY rental lighting.

Create a universe of stars covering an area 50ft x 50ft or more with the best professional grade starry sky effect lights.

Project stars where you want them utilizing our complete inventory of:

Mix and match colors to create an immersive effect to elevate your event to galactic proportions.

See a video of all of our BlissLight projectors compared side by side to see which ones are right for your event.

Check availability and BlissLight rental pricing today!

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blisslight rental blue

Rent the Blisslight Blue – Free Shipping Nationwide

blisslight rental blue

We are excited to offer the Blisslight Blue for rental!

We are excited to now offer the Blisslight Blue for rental! This is an amazing way to create a ceiling full of slow moving stars on the ceiling, wall or floor of your venue. You can now rent the most realistic night sky effect shipped to you free nationwide.

The Blisslight blue has a similar coverage area of 35ftx35ft that the Blisslight 15 offers. The stars on the Blisslight Blue are slightly larger in diameter than the Blisslight 15 and the Blisslight 50.

Check out our rent a blisslight page for more info, video and photos.

Rent a Blisslight Blue today! Check out our current availability and pricing.

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