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Wedding Monogram with Purple & Fuchsia Uplighting – Holiday Inn Key Bridge – Arlington, VA

Holiday_Inn_Uplighting_and_Monogram-Arlington_VAKristine and Rodney had a great venue to project their monogram. They had a huge head table and wanted a strong focal element to draw people into the room. We created a black and white grayscale gobo for the back wall and then used up lighting to add purple and fuchsia.

The grayscale monogram design we used for their wedding is the perfect match to contrast with the rich purples and fuchsias used with the up lights and with the rest of the room decor.

Because of the stands that we include with our rentals, we were able to project across the room and above everyone’s heads so that as people walked by they wouldn’t interfere with the projection on the wall.

The monogram design and light did a great job of filling a large space with a design that created a strong design element that not only drew people into the reception space, but tied all the design elements together.

Gobo monogram designs and lights for weddings remain one of the most cost effective ways to decorate for a wedding.

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