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Alissa and Amanda Custom Love Bus Wedding Monogram Gobo

alissa_amanda_love_bus_monogram_light_design_red_custom_designedAlissa and Amanda had an awesome wedding in Washington, DC. This custom design is one we worked with them on creating into a gobo for their wedding.

Held in Washington, DC at Hotel Palomar we used red uplighting behind the logo and throughout the room to enhance the gobo and to enhance the overall room lighting. It completely transformed the room from standard hotel drab into a very chic and fantastic entertaining space.


This is a great example of the clean lines and design you can achieve with a glass black and white wedding gobo.

We also used some tribal themed gobos throughout the room to go with the feel of some of the architecture in the space. You can see how all the elements work together and the custom wedding gobo monogram in the background creates a strong focal point.



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Brittany and Matthew’s Wedding Black and White Glass Gobo Design & Light Rental

Brittany and Matthew were married in Montana June 2010. In most of Montana, lighting companies can be really hard to find. The good news is that they were able to rent their monogram gobo for their wedding and have it shipped to them directly!

We workd with them on the design, and they supplied a version of the monogram very close to this one.

Brittany and Matthew decided to shine the monogram design on the dancefloor and it came out really nice. It held up to the light in the room during the daytime and transitioned very well into the darkness of the night time.

This is a great example of a black and white glass wedding gobo. Notice how intricate the design can be when using black and white glass gobo. Here are more details on the benefits of using a glass gobo instead of steel.

The light and the monogram design looked excellent for their wedding and we were so happy to be able to help!

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